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The Art of Staying Brilliant


Being brilliant is easy. Staying brilliant is a lifetime challenge! This workshop aims to build on the excellent habits from ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’, reviewing progress to date and taking the messages one step further. The aim is to stop the slide back into bad habits and instil permanent change.

About the workshop

‘Staying Brilliant’ is set against the backdrop of rapid organisational change and the need for new ways of thinking and behaving that will create world class teams. We re-visit the principle messages from ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ before moving into more detail about comfort zones, thinking styles, happiness, entropy (energy) and tackling negativity. Being an occasional 2%er is OK. Living there permanently is life-changing!

Key themes (some or all of…)

• Signature Strengths • Belief systems • Jimmy’s diary • Visionary Hierarchy • The science of happiness• HUGGs • Rapport and likeability • Emotional intelligence• Longevity


Those taking part in the workshop course will:Understand and be able to apply the principles of positive psychology

Be inspired to adopt the habits at work and home

Have a better understanding of their own ‘signature strengths’

Learn tactics that will get them back into the positive zone very quickly

Be better able to motivate people in their sphere of influence


  • 1.00 Arrival and Refreshments
  • 1.15 Introduction to ‘The Art of Staying Brilliant’ A humorous, fun and ever so slightly politically incorrect introduction to the themes of the afternoon
  • 1.30 Icebreaker A group discussion that revises the main themes from ‘Being Brilliant’ as well as getting delegates to reflect on happiness and positivity at work and home
  • 1.45 Introduction to inside-out thinking Using a model of CBT to explore the inside-out nature of thinking. Why and how the world tricks us into being negative
  • 2.00 Group activity: Brilliant Opportunities Delegates are asked to apply positive attitudinal choices to a series of activities to prove the 90/10 principle
  • 2.30 Everest Goals Re-thinking the principles of goal setting. Introduction to HUGGs and a technique to make them happen
  • 2.50 Break
  • 3.10 Purpose & strengths Introduction to Simon Sinek’s ‘golden circle’ and Dan Pink’s work on intrinsic motivation
  • 3.30 Group activity: The Most Important Things in the World An exploration of gratitude and personal responsibility
  • 4.00 Summing up and putting it all together. ‘Limbic Locking’ challenge (emotionally engaging other people)
  • 4.30 Finish
Yarnfield, Staffordshire
Thursday 19th October 2017
1.00pm – 4.30pm
£95 (Excluding VAT) per person