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Hidden treasures

A new year. And according to the press, it’s going to be another tough one!

So we do what we’ve always done… hunker down and try and get it over with! If we can get through 2013 then maybe 2014 will be better? Or, on a more short term basis, if we can survive Jan and Feb, the days will start getting longer and the green shoots of spring will start peeping through. But…

If you’re one of our merry band of enlightened ‘2%ers’ you’ll know that life’s too short to think like that. We haven’t got enough weeks left on this planet to count them down, wishing them away!

People go to extraordinary lengths to discover the meaning of life. They go on pilgrimages to monasteries in India. They pray. Sometimes really hard and for a long time. But the last place people look is right under their feet, in everyday activities and inside themselves.

The reason so many people cannot see the big red X that marks the spot is because they’re standing on it!

Maybe 2013 can be the year when you start looking for happiness in the right place?

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