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It’s been a while!

For our ‘old’ customers, you’ll be aware that we run awesome 2%ers events. For our ‘new’ customers, you need to get yourself booked onto the ‘happiness’ event of the year…

We describe this as the equivalent of a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket. Forget Glastonbury or the Wimbledon final. The summer event of the year is happening on 1 July 2013 at Alton Towers where we will be running one of our world famous 2%ers events.

Last year’s Alton Towers event is impossible to beat (we had the world famous Paul McGee plus Alex Steele’s awesome jazz band), so we’re not even going to try.

We’re not aiming for ‘better’, we’re going for ‘different’. You can expect a ‘back to basics’ gig, focusing on a heady mixture of happiness, wellbeing, flourishing and maybe a dash of NLP. In a nutshell, lots of thought-provoking material and plenty of laughs.

Timings are 10am till 3pm. Cost is nil (yes, it’s FREE!). There’s no catch. And there’s only one rule…no mood hoovers!

If you want to bag a place (or places) please email


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Posted by: Andy C