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Being of a certain age, LWT stands for ‘London Weekend Television’. I’ve been reading Robin Sharma’s book, based on the concept of ‘Leadership Without a Title’ so I’m grappling with my perception of LWT.

Sharma’s LWT tunes in brilliantly to the 2%ers ethos of ‘being your best self’. Not all of us have ‘leader’ or ‘manager’ in our job title. Indeed, one of the 2%ers approached me at the last do and basically said, “This is all well and good, but I’m only an IT technician. I’m not sure I can apply it.” Which perplexed me a little. Cue lots of rubbing of chin and quizzical pondering. I have obviously been pitching it wrong.

Sharma’s LWT nailed it for me in an ‘it’s-so-obvious-how-can-I-have-not-seen-it-before’ kind of way. Being brilliant is about you, not your job title. The question is, I guess, what does the best IT technician look, sound and feel like? I’m assuming that all of you reading this are already technically competent at doing your job. That’s a given. The 2% ethos asks the question, what attitude and approach makes me world class? What do I have to do to inspire people? It goes way beyond job competence. In fact, it’s not really about work at all. It’s about being the best version of yourself that you can muster.

During the summer hols we were delighted to tell you about the launch of our Personal Leadership Programme.

Now that for many of us the holidays are a dim and distant memory, we thought we would be kind and remind you of our brilliant oasis of three days development, focusing on you and the impact that you have on those around you.

Our first session is running in the Birmingham area on 19-20 November and 10 December 2013 and there are currently only three spaces left!

If you were inspired by the The Art of Being Brilliant then this programme will make you think – and then help you to make it happen!

For further details, email Peter on

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