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Gazing lovingly

The Art of Being Brilliant trainers are happiness ninjas. And to keep in tip top ninja mode, we have to read loads of books. It comes with the territory.

A particular fave of mine is ‘The Happiness Project’ by Gretchen Ruben. It’s simple, honest and brill. And, rather like The Art of Being Brilliant, it isn’t really about work. It’s about home.

Here’s a lovely top tip for busy parents. Gretchen suggests that plenty of households are a bit crazy at bedtime. The kids have been tucked up but there still plenty to do… packing lunchboxes, organising their bags, ironing school shirts, etc.

Instead of rushing around, headless chicken style, before you go to bed, treat yourself to a bit of what Gretchen calls ‘gazing lovingly’. It was Gretchen’s husband who first suggested it. ‘Gazing lovingly’ is when you go and peek at your sleeping children.

It’s so simple. And such a treat.

Just a couple of words of advice from the Art of Brill team:

  • Firstly, make sure you only do this with your own kids (breaking into the house next door and ‘gazing lovingly’ at their kids is never a good idea).
  • And secondly, don’t enter your 14-year-old son’s bedroom and expect to do this. In fact, probably best not to enter his bedroom at all, at least not after dark.

Until next time…

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