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Welcome to our random musings. If Carlsberg could write blogs...

Jeremy Marmite

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Love him or hate him? Whatever you think of him, one of the most remarkable things about Jeremy Clarkson is that he doesn’t do ‘middle ground’. Don’t worry – I’m not going to talk about what happened in Yorkshire or the ins and outs of the BBC’s decision. What I am going to talk about […]


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Today there was a solar eclipse and a super moon, coinciding with the spring equinox. The UK media was full of a hype from astrology and astronomy points of view. Russell Grant made an appearance in a sparkly star-covered shirt, with predictions about your future, what a great time it was for a new start […]

Prescribing happiness

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Yesterday I spoke at a conference that was jam-packed with really clever people. Doctors and suchlike. I feel slightly squeamish when I speak at conferences involving the NHS or social care. Having studied the science of happiness seemingly forever, I can’t help thinking that what I know is somehow inferior or of less scientific rigour […]

Best in show

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I’ll tell you about dolphins and dogs. You’ll have to work out the people bit for yourself. Many years ago I went to Marine World and watched as dolphins and killer whales jumped through hoops. Leaving aside the moral debate of whether these awesome creatures should be doing this kind of stuff, I was mesmerized […]