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We often get asked (sometimes even heckled) on our sessions, "Is this just about positive thinking?" The really short answer is "no".

But to prove ‘positive psychology’ is very different to ‘positive thinking’ we set Andy W a challenge – lose three stone, get fit and do the Great North Run. Here’s his report...

I can summarize it thus: My legs hurt like hell, I’ve discovered muscles I never had and I don’t think my nipples will ever recover? Yet, what an amazing feeling! 57,000 people all with the same purpose.

And that’s the difference between positive psychology and positive thinking.

Stop thinking and telling everyone you are leading a fab life on social media - it’s eating away the fabric of how human society should be. Get involved in life and STOP documenting it because you are missing the essence of what a human being needs to be happy.

We all stood together. I didn’t have any safety pins so Johnny gave me two of his, we chatted, sang, cried, bled, and most of us made it. A few didn’t.

The only sadness for me (apart from the raw nipples) was that some people had ear phones in.

Anyway, I’ve learnt happiness is about people.

Lots of people have asked me what time I achieved and I tell them, ‘I finished after Mo Farah and before the guy with a fridge on his back.’


Positive psychology is about relationships and giving people the ingredients they need in life to flourish in our crazy world.

Positive thinking is about thinking your life is great when sometimes it isn’t.


There's still time to contribute to Andy's fundraising effort for the NSPCC

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Posted by: Andy W