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Project happiness

It won’t have escaped your notice that there’s a big vote about to happen across the pond. As a rule, we don’t tend to do politics at Art of Brill but there’s something about Trump that stinks and as for Mrs C? The gut feel ain’t great there either.

So let’s move to an election that counts. One in which your vote will enhance an entire community, spreading happiness and wellbeing further than the eye can see.

We've entered a bid into the Aviva Community Fund. If we get the cash it will be spent on our world famous school projects, in which we empower children to make their schools and communities much happier places.

Aviva have set it up as a bit of a beauty contest. There are 4,000 projects all wanting the cash and to stand a chance, we need to be in the top 10. Look folks, we hardly ask anything of you, but on this occasion, we need a small favour. Vote for Brilliant Communities

To play your part, please cast your vote for 'Brilliant Communities'.

For some bizarre reason, you have 10 votes, so if you’re feeling extra kind, we’d like all 10.

Imagine? If we win the cash and invest in children’s wellbeing, and the happiness ripples across their communities and across the Atlantic, Mr Trump and Mrs C might actually start being nice to each other.

Thank you so much

A x Aviva Community Fund vote

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Posted by: Andy C