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Balloo Monday

What. Utter. Nonsense.

Blue Monday was created [invented, made up] in 2005 as part of a marketing campaign for a travel company to convince people like you and I to part with our cash to buy holidays. Hence ‘Blue Monday’ has become a thing. An actual date that we ‘celebrate’ in the media. A day to gnash our teeth, beat our chests and wail our woe. Fake stress of the thoroughly modern kind.

So here’s our dare. Let's spin this around. You could quite simply just change it to 'Do Monday', and kick its ass! We could have 'To-Do Monday', where as a team you agree that by the end of Monday, the first day of the working week you've collectively smashed your entire weeks to-do list. What a great, positive and productive way to approach your working week!

Instead of Blue Monday, how about ‘Balloo Monday’ when you surprise your team by coming to work dressed as a bear.

Or ‘Shoe Monday’? Everyone must wear the craziest, brightest, shiniest, most glittery pair of footwear they can. Make it an annual thing, at the very least it's going to put a great big smile on people's faces.

It's just about finding something different other than Blue Monday.

‘Stew Monday’. Spend your Sunday creating and making something delicious and on the Monday everyone brings something in and an almighty stew picnic ensues!

‘Fondue Monday’, same principle but with cheese instead of stew. ‘Caribou Monday’, same again, but the ingredients might be more difficult to source? Maybe just turn up in antlers instead?

‘Gerrard Deapardeu Monday’? Everyone wears big noses and speaks French. Yes, we might have stretched a good idea too far but the point is that you don’t have to fall for a big fat misery con.

We challenge you to stand out on Blue Monday, and do the opposite. Make it a ‘WooHoo Monday’.

Gavin Oattes

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Posted by: Art of Brill