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A rock and a hard place

At ‘Art of Brilliance’ we pride ourselves on bringing you content that you haven’t heard before, even if it’s a bit yucky.

Fact. The humble sea squirt paddles around the ocean until it finds a rock. Then it attaches itself, gets comfy and eats its own brain.

Why? Because its brain is useful in finding something to attach to but, once that bit’s done, it doesn’t need to think anymore so it scoffs it, thus providing a bit of sustenance so it can hang on for the rest of its dear life.

I think there might be a human equivalent, people who have settled on their rock, being bombarded against the tide, and who stay put. Even though there might be a better rock, a bit higher where the sun makes life more pleasant and the waves are less intense.

But, metaphorically, they’ve eaten their brains.

Some businesses have also devoured their own brains. Some are attaching their napkins, ready to tuck in.

It’s a horrible way to go. If you want a better way, our keynotes, workshops, books and posters will exercise your brain rather than consume it.


A x

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Posted by: Art of Brill