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Now That’s What I Call Gratitude!

While we want people to have fun in our sessions, more importantly, we want people to go away and start to change their thinking and do things a bit differently.

It’s not rocket science, but it’s easier to get bogged down in the workload again and forget.

In my sessions I always do an exercise around appreciation and gratitude – just a simple exercise to get people to step out of their ‘busyness’ and think about what they do have in life. This isn’t just a flippant exercise, but research into gratitude highlights how powerful it is for our well-being and resilience.

So, imagine my heart rise when, after doing a session last week, I received an email from a wonderful lady called Andrea.

Every Christmas, she organises a ‘Secret Santa’ in her workplace, where people buy an anonymous gift to a colleague, up to a certain value. This year it will be different.

As normal, each member of staff will pick out a colleague’s name from a hat and, rather than spend money, they will, anonymously, write a letter of gratitude to this person instead.

So, this Christmas, over 100 people in her workplace will find out why someone they work with, is grateful for their existence in this world.

Imagine if this happened across the whole of the Country?

Have a wonderful festive period

Darrell x

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