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Your new year’s REVOLUTION

We’re all familiar with ‘presenteeism’ at work, that feeling of turning up and going through the motions. But it’s a much bigger concept than work. Presenteeism can apply to life. You’re centre stage, the leading player in your own life, but struggling to engage with the plot.

Modern life is hectic and full on. I recently had an exasperated delegate on one of my workshops who huffed and puffed that ‘I haven’t got time to be happy!’

Happiness doesn’t require time, it requires insight. It might require a refocussing away from your to-do list towards your to-be list, because ‘who are you being while you’re doing the things on your list’ requires you to point the finger back at yourself and ask some searching questions. There’s a degree of honesty involved too. Are you being full of optimism, happiness, hope, energy, positivity, enthusiasm and vivacity? Or are you being like everyone else, who pretty much isn’t?

Society is experiencing a massive ‘wait problem’. The mantra, insidiously seeping into you from a very early age is that Mondays are bad and Fridays are good. Oh, and Wednesday’s aren’t too bad because it’s all downhill from here. Once that way of thinking is firmly lodged in your head, it’s difficult to get it out again. You become that person. You slouch on Mondays and skip on Fridays.

You’re waiting for life’s happy hour. And waiting. And waiting…

Here’s the thing, the world isn’t going to bend to accommodate your wishes. If your happiness is contingent on the arrival of the perfect Brexit deal, cloudless azure skies, the elimination of pot holes and cheap trains that run on time, you’ll die waiting.

So I’d like to raise my glass and propose a toast. To you. And to 2019. To the year you come fully alive. To achieving happiness for no reason, even on a Monday. To finally quitting your wait problem

Cheers and HNY x

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