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Leadership Dominos

‘Leadership’ versus ‘management’ is a debate that’s been raging for a long time. The truth? They overlap. It’s messy.

The reason this debate has got a little tired is because we have been asking the wrong questions.

Try starting from here: Why does anyone work for their boss? And, why does anyone follow a leader?

Of course, you already know the answers. We work for our boss because we HAVE to. But when we work for someone purely because we have to we end up watching the clock, doing the minimum and getting by.

But the leader is different. We follow a leader because we CHOOSE to – and when we choose to follow someone, we give them our all. Brilliance is simply ‘built in’.

So ‘choice’ is what sets managers and leaders apart. We work for a boss because we HAVE to – and we follow a leader because we CHOOSE to.

And this leads us to an even better question: how do you become the leader that your people choose to follow?

The answer is actually quite simple. Recognise that it starts with you. Who do you need to be? How do you need to behave? What impact do you need to have? Who can help you?

The more time you spend thinking and acting on these questions, the better leader you will become. You being yourself brilliantly is the first domino to topple… the rest will fall into line; the more your team will give…. the more your team will perform…. the better the results… the happier they will be…. the happier you will be… the more difference you make to the world around you…

Everybody wins.

Peter Anderton TEDx speaker and Art of Brill leadership trainer

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