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Summer reading doesn’t have to be a challenge…

‘ZEST: How to squeeze the MAX out of life’

What it is

‘Zest’; nice word. Mouth-watering, in fact.


The dictionary matches it with zingy, enthusiasm, energy, gusto, eagerness, zeal and fervour. Or, even better, zest equates to passion, love, enjoyment, excitement and delight. It’s also connotes a tang, a sharpness. Plunge your teeth into a freshly sliced lemon and there’s a certain kick! It’s the opposite of bland.

Zest is also a verb – a doing word. To zest a lime is to remove its outer layer and, let’s face it, if you’re going to squeeze the max out of life, you need to start by looking within.

This brand new book will challenge you to dream big, work hard, learn well, celebrate your failures and love unconditionally.

Perfect for your holiday reading

It makes no odds what you already know. No matter how many PhDs you’ve got, life is going to challenge you. Life can be awesome, but it can also be cruel, relentless and unforgiving. There will be times when it feels like it’s trying to break you.

Open your eyes. Look around. You’ll see very few folk dancing around the kitchen in their pyjamas. Can you recall the last time you witnessed someone skipping to work?

There’s an uncomfortable paradox sitting at the heart of it all. Life is short, but also an uncomfortably long time to be going through the motions.

Rather than carping about death being too long and life being too short, Zest in about making sure that your alive part is properly alive.

Is it just Andy wittering on again?

Yes! And no. ZEST is a team effort, the very best bits squeezed from minds of Andy Cope (Dr of Happiness), Will Hussey (award-winning author) and Gavin Oattes (stand-up comedian). The guys have an impressive track record with best selling SHINE and DIARY OF A BRILLIANT KID.

It includes some or all of positive psychology, wellbeing, the modern rules of life, happiness and human flourishing like you’ve never heard them before. Funny, irreverent, sciency, inspiring and, yes, a little bit naughty. Just like our workshops and keynotes.

It’s out on 26th July 2019. But you can get it from our online happiness store right now.

Happy reading.

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