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Duquesne Smile

I was reminded the other day, when watching footage of Andy Cope talking about Happiness on Irish TV, that there are in fact (at least) two types of smile;

  1. The PanAm Smile
  2.  The Duquesne Smile

Number one is a false smile. It’s forced ‘say cheeeeese’ fakery.

Whereas the Duquesne Smile is the real deal. All muscles in play, crows’ feet by the eyes – the lot.

This is written in lockdown. COVID-19 is contagious. But so is your Duquesne smile.

Therefore my ridiculously simple top tip is to increase your ‘smileage’ by 40%. No fakery. It has to be genuine, which means you need to learn to allow more happiness into your life.

That’s why Art of Brill exists. To help, remind, unlock, coax your wellbeing. Once you’re in tune with your very best self, smiling just happens. Au naturel.

But the issue is MUCH bigger than smiles. If you can ‘say cheeeese’ to force a grin, there’s probably a whole load of other things you can fake. In no particular order; happiness, love, hugs, effort, self-importance, friendship, confidence, niceness…

I have an inkling that some people might be faking life itself?

Real or fake? It’s a bigger choice than it sounds

I’m aware that you can fake it ‘till you make it and some would argue that you’ve got to start somewhere but when all this is over, make a note to come and attend one of our, positive, resourceful, happy, can-do events at the Art of Brilliance.

Get your Real Thing going.

Nige (leadership and teams guru)

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