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Scratch and sniff

I know a dentist who smells clinical, a bin man who reeks of ‘eau de black bin’, a florist who smells of roses and Elvis from the chip shop always stinks of battered sausage.

It’s not just smells. Thinking back, my great grandad was a miner and I remember him coming home blacked up (part and parcel of the job, not deliberate, so socially acceptable even by today’s exacting standards)

Modern times, I know a woman who walks dogs for a living and she’s always covered in dog hair. A baker friend of mine comes home the opposite colour to my great grandad. I also know a decorator with speckled hair and a plasterer who’s always plastered.

I’m guessing that last one might be different?

My point is that people might be able guess what you do by how you smell and look.

But what if goes even deeper than that?

Much deeper.

I know a colleague who would be covered in Care. I know others who reek of professionalism, understanding and appreciation for others. I know several teachers who look, smell and exude passion and commitment.

I also know a few who reek of ‘couldn’t give a s***’. You can see and smell them a mile off!

Apart from the obvious message of making sure you don’t give off toxicity, the other strong ‘Art of Brill’ message is that whatever you’re giving off – it’s contagious.

Reminder – you cannot NOT have an impact.

What impact do you want to have? It’s up to you. I’d suggest trust, positivity, gratitude, commitment, happiness, confidence and enthusiasm are all good places to start.

If you or your team need some help, you know where we are.

Nige x

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