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The blackboard was inviting me in for a substantial meal. “Come and try our Sharing Platter” it said. “Why not share some halloumi sticks for £5? Share some chicken wings for an extra £3!”

Rude not to. So I did.

But it also got me thinking, why not keep your £8 to yourself and share some TIME with your partner instead? You could share some thoughts and dreams and fond memories too.

In a work context you could share some positive feedback, some good news or maybe your ideas? You could share civility and kindness. You could share some praise, lend an ear to someone who’s struggling and maybe share some quality time.

Our autumn/winter webinar menu doesn’t have satay sticks, hummus or halloumi. But it’s absolutely in the spirit of sharing. We’d like you to share in wellbeing, positivity and resilience. We’d like you to share in our collective experience of delivering the best webinars in the world. For you, your teams and even your customers.

Join in!

Sharing is caring.

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