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The Art of Brilliance blog

Welcome to our random musings. If Carlsberg could write blogs...

Ahead of the game

Posted: 01 Oct 18 by Art of Brill

I’m not convinced that anyone actually understands American football. The bit I do get is that the quarter back is a key player, as are the wide receivers...

A rock and a hard place

Posted: 03 Sep 18 by Art of Brill

At ‘Art of Brilliance’ we pride ourselves on bringing you content that you haven’t heard before, even if it’s a bit yucky.

Mirror in the Bathroom

Posted: 01 Aug 18 by Art of Brill

I was at an engineering company, quick trip to the loo and as I walked in I noticed there was some weird foreign message scrawled on the wall.

Back to the Future

Posted: 01 Jun 18 by Art of Brill

I won't call it a mid-life crisis. It was much more dramatic than that.

News 24

Posted: 01 May 18 by Art of Brill

News is supposed to be new, although it can feel like the same things go wrong again and again. It's like recycling, but in a bad way.


Posted: 01 Apr 18 by Art of Brill

Andy's got a new book out. He says it's exactly the same as all his other books with the crucial exception that it's better - funnier, sillier, cleverer and naughtier.

Leadership Reboot

Posted: 09 Mar 18 by Art of Brill

You’re tired, tense and just want it to be over. It’s the early hours of the morning, you are nearly there and then suddenly the screen goes blue.

Born Free

Posted: 23 Feb 18 by Art of Brill

You're born a blank canvas.

Balloo Monday

Posted: 14 Jan 18 by Art of Brill

Blue Monday, officially designated as the most depressing day in your calendar.

What do you want for Christmas?

Posted: 04 Dec 17 by Art of Brill

It’s a big question with a surprisingly simple answer.