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The Art of Brilliance blog

Welcome to our random musings. If Carlsberg could write blogs...

The Christmas cheat code

Posted: 20 Nov 17 by Art of Brill

My life’s exactly like your life – crazily busy! Luckily, we have two happiness secretaries (M and Jen) who ease the burden.

Opportunity Knocks

Posted: 30 Oct 17 by Art of Brill

It’s an alert. In fact, we’re beyond excited at ‘Art of Brill’ HQ because we have a double opportunity for you!

The IKEA Effect

Posted: 29 Sep 17 by Art of Brill

Happiness and IKEA are linked in two ways.

You can't get the time back

Posted: 13 Sep 17 by Art of Brill

This just in from new dad Martin…

Picture the scene, I'm the only dad in a mums & babies group. #Awks

Breaking News

Posted: 29 Aug 17 by Art of Brill

We respectfully interrupt your day to bring you some breaking news: Our Andy has finally got his PhD.

The Dog Turd of Life

Posted: 16 Aug 17 by Art of Brill

Hi. I'm Amy. I do the artwork for Art of Brill, including illos for their super-duper books. So I guess you might be wondering why a pictures girl is providing some words?

Invoking your 25th

Posted: 01 Aug 17 by Art of Brill

I've recently come to the conclusion that 24 hours just isn't enough. I'd like to suggest that we add an extra one but that it's not fixed, it's a floater (so to speak, man gag probably?)

A rather large happiness thought

Posted: 19 Jul 17 by Andy C

What would you do if you had three minutes to live?

Something even bigger than happiness

Posted: 10 Jul 17 by Mike

On an ‘Art of Being Brilliant’ workshop I pose a rhetorical question to the participants ‘we’re living life fast, but are we living it well?'

National Kissing Day, July 6th

Posted: 06 Jul 17 by Andy C

Here’s a basic introduction to the most important science you’ve never heard of:

Philematology, the study of kissing