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The Art of Brilliance Blog

Welcome to our random musings. If Carlsberg could write blogs...

The parable of the okay day…

An okay day, followed by an okay day, followed by an okay day, followed by an okay day, followed by an okay day, followed by an okay day, followed by an okay day means you’ve had 7 okay days on the bounce. (more…)

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Elf Regulation

If you’ve never worked in a school, this post probably isn’t for you. To the uninitiated, Christmas in primary education is a sugar-mouse idyll: squeaky-clean festive cheer, sweetness and (Christmas) light. It’s not. (more…)

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Your sliding doors moment

It’s foggy. You’re barefoot, bewildered and strangely light on your feet. There’s a choir singing somewhere up ahead, so you put one foot in front of the other and walk towards the singing.


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Hap-Pre Christmas

November 22nd: it’s not Christmas, but neither is it not not Christmas.  (more…)

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Flip the switch

The other day, I was driving home from delivering a workshop in Derby, and in amongst the roar of the motorway, I had a thought which reminded me of something we very frequently forget. (more…)

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Imagine missing out on the BIGGEST MOMENT in history?

Busyness is a problem. We pay thousands for a smartphone to ensure we’re never bored. Our scrolling is powered by FOMO and yet the biggest irony is that by scrolling we are missing out. (more…)

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Luis Díaz

Luis Díaz is a Premier League footballer who plays on the left wing for Liverpool FC. I saw him on a primary school playground in Birkenhead the other day.  (more…)

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I’ve been spending some extended time with my frail and forgetful father-in-law. I love him to bits, but he’s not the man I used to know. (more…)

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Your Daily Daley

In the 1980s, Britain had one of the all-time athletic greats; the moustachioed and supremely talented Mr Daley Thompson, who would routinely whistle his way through the national anthem as he banked another gold medal. (more…)

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Extraordinary Ordinary

It is easy to assume that a few nice holidays a year, a new car, a promotion and exciting experiences equate to a happy life. It’s easier to recognise happiness in these moments. (more…)

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Autumn Daze

‘Autumn days when the grass is jewelled and the silk inside a chestnut shell.  Jet planes meeting in the air to be refuelled.  All these things I love so well…’ (more…)

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One hour a day will change your life!

Hi, it’s Amy here. I’m the illustrator at Art of Brilliance. I’m usually making magic happen behind the scenes, but I’m stepping out for this blog because I’ve got a VIM: a Very Important Message! (more…)

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