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The Art of Brilliance Blog

Welcome to our random musings. If Carlsberg could write blogs...


It may be TMI, but I’ve had the same toothbrush for far too long now and today, guess what I did? (more…)

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Why wellbeing and being well off are NOT the same thing

The boffins at the University of London’s Institute of Education have devised some monetary values of happiness: (more…)

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The Book Fair

In a twist of fate and circumstance, I recently found myself amidst a book fair.  It was a wonderful thing; thousands of donated books liberally scattered around the benches of a school hall. (more…)

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Life Force

UK life expectancy is 82.9 years for women and 79.2 for men. On average, you’ll be knocking about for around 4000 weeks. (more…)

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Painting your own masterpiece

Do you ever get your brushes out and splash some paint on a canvas? (more…)

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Best Foot Forward

The best stories are those that move you; they stir some sort of emotion and create a feeling of empathy with one or more of the characters. You could say they take you on a journey. (more…)

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Coming up for air

Here’s one of Desmond Tutu’s stories. A man moves to a new town and decides to create a habit of going for a walk each morning. The route he takes runs beside a fast-flowing river which makes the walk all the more enjoyable. (more…)

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Happy Choose-Day

It’s always choose-day. Here are some positive choices that you can start making, right now… (more…)

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The chase is over

Fact: there are 361 different types of yoghurt at my local supermarket. I know because I’ve counted them.


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Rule number 6

The world’s always been a harsh place, but it’s feeling pretty damn brutal at the mo. There are no laughs on the BBC News channel. There are a lot of exhausted humans. (more…)

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Strictly Teaching

Timing is everything, apparently. Whether you’re buying or selling a house, attempting to make an appointment with your GP or navigating the rush-hour commute, it’s not so much what you do but when you do it that counts. (more…)

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Emma’s story

My first proper dalliance with The Art of Brilliance was a handful of years ago, when I attended one of their first Wellbeing Workouts online. (more…)

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