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Staying Brilliant

Early Bird Offer – £65+VAT per person – valid until 31st December 2018 (full cost £85+VAT per person )

About the workshop

‘Staying Brilliant’ is set against the backdrop of rapid organisational change and the need for new ways of thinking and behaving that will create world class teams. We re-visit the principle messages from ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ before moving into more detail about comfort zones, thinking styles, happiness, entropy (energy) and tackling negativity. Being an occasional 2%er is OK. Living there permanently is life-changing!


Being brilliant is easy. Staying brilliant is a lifetime challenge! This workshop aims to build on the excellent habits from ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’, reviewing progress to date and taking the messages one step further. The aim is to stop the slide back into bad habits and instil permanent change.

Note: ‘Staying Brilliant’ is designed as a follow-up to ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’. It’s therefore strongly recommended that delegates attend ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ first

Westpoint, Exeter
15 March 2019
1.15pm – 4.30pm
£85 (+ VAT) per person