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Recently, 'The Art of Being Brilliant' got its first one-star Amazon review. In case you’re not familiar with the review system, five stars is a roller-coaster of a book crammed with sizzling gypsies. One star is, well, dire.

But, in the true spirit of positivity, I thought I’d share some of the, ahem, highlights of this extra-ordinarily bad review:

"Don't buy this... It contains, well, almost nothing. The first few chapters read like a very long introduction to... "we're not going to tell you anything useful or give any practical tips at all"."

The reviewer goes on to imply that Andy and I speak in a "positive psychology, happy happy joy joy" kind of way.

I’m not going to agree or disagree with the reviewer. She’s absolutely right. There’s a basic rule of life stating that you get what you focus on. I suspect that her stinging review says more about her than it does about myself or my book.

And the point? Throughout evolutionary history, ‘bad’ weighs more than ‘good’. That means one awkward customer will ruin your day. One bad driver will ruin your journey to work. One negative email will live with you all day. One bad Amazon review can cause you to question your whole future as an author!

Be careful what you tune into. There’s plenty of good out there folks.

I am currently re-reading the 67 five-star reviews.

Thank you x

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Posted by: Andy C