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Ordinary magic

Resilience applies to hearts and minds as well as bones and skin.

Bones and skin first – if you cut yourself, it heals. If you break a leg, it mends. It just takes time.

Hearts and minds, it’s the same. If you lose a loved one, you do eventually heal. If you lose your job, you mend. It just takes time.

It’s not ‘what happens? but ‘what happens next?’ that really counts. Just like your body repairs itself, your emotions have naturally healing power, called ‘ordinary magic’. The great news is that we all possess ordinary magic.

I’d like to take it a little bit further and suggest that being sad is an important part of being happy. A life of euphoric happiness would be bizarre. A permanent high? You’d lose perspective.

Lows are inevitable. Welcome them. Let an occasional bad day into your life, show it around, then show it the door.

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Posted by: Andy C