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The parable of the locksmith

Dan had completed his apprenticeship as a locksmith. But ‘fully trained’ doesn’t mean he was quick. Dan was the new boy, so he’d turn up at a job, keen as mustard, but would fumble. He’d explain that he was new to the trade and most customers understood, huffing, puffing and checking their phones as he unpicked their locks. One particular customer got quite irate as she hung around for an hour while Dan attempted to get her back into the front door she’d locked herself out of. He presented the lady with the bill. “£60 for that!” she huffed, rummaging in her purse.

Five years down the line and Dan was the man. He’d gotten so much better – he was a locksmith extraordinaire. Dan could pick any lock, any place, in double quick time.

You guessed it, the same lady rings him again with the same problem. “It’s my stupid door,” she sighed. “I’m locked out again. And it’s freezing!”

Double-quick Dan was there in a jiffy. He knew his trade, which tool would be best for her particular lock, and hey presto, she was in within 90 seconds. Dan grinned a master craftsman’s grin as he opened the door and let the lady into her warm house. He presented her with the bill. “£60, for two minutes?” she grumbled, rummaging in her purse.

Look folks, there are so many messages buried in Dan’s story that I don’t know where to start. So I won’t. Only bright people subscribe to our blog, so I’m going to let you work out the lessons for yourself.

Thanks for reading.

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Posted by: Andy C