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The Christmas cheat code

Recently, I found myself stressed out about travelling the length and breadth of the country. Dashing around was getting me down. So I had a word with M and asked if she’d take on the worrying for me. Note, I didn’t ask her to do the travel, just the worrying and stress bits.

M’s superb. ‘No problem Dr Happy,’ she beamed. ‘It’d be a pleasure.’

I can’t tell you how better I feel. The other night, my 5 hour drive from Warrington to Portsmouth was a breeze. As I crawled through the M6 roadworks my normally sky-high blood pressure was super-low because I knew that M would be worrying for me. It’s not just the traffic. Every day when things go wrong I remind myself that M is already on the case and I relax, leaving me more productive to deliver fabulous training.

So here’s something nobody on the planet have ever offered their readership. For absolutely no fee whatsoever, myself and the dedicated ‘Art of Brill’ team will take on your worry. Yep, the whole burden. All you need to do is email us at with a couple of lines about the s*** you’d like us to worry about. Mother-in-law coming for Christmas? We’re on it. Stressed by the supermarket queue? Leave it with us. Not sure if your turkey’s gonna be a bit dry? That’s our worrying speciality.

We’ll take pretty much anything on. You can be certain that we’ll then worry about it for you, leaving you free to skip along, enjoying an unburdened and fret-free festive season.

Our new boy Jason is offering an extra service called ‘over-thinking’ (his specialty) in which he’ll take your issues and ruminate on them. He’ll mull them over and over and over before coming to no final solution, just like you would do yourself. What a wonderful result! You can sleep soundly, safe in the knowledge that Jase isn’t. He’s in his dressing gown, pacing up and down until 4am.

Oh, and if you’re fretting about what prezzies to buy, our happiness shop will deal with that particular burden.

Happy Christmas

Andy and the team x

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Posted by: Art of Brill