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Andrew Black

Andrew’s career spans the whole education sector including 20 years as a Head Teacher.

His extensive experience in working with ESBD (Emotional Social and Behavioural Difficulties) pupils and the Special school sector means that he has ‘hands-on’ practical experience in dealing with challenging behaviour of all types and in many situations.

Andrew’s personal philosophy is that good behaviour can be caught and taught when modelled by staff within a ‘can do’ culture of positivity. His experience has shown that pupils’ learning and development improves dramatically when they feel happy and secure.

Andrew has never lost his passion for teaching and describes it as ‘the best job in the world’ – it is this belief that shines through in his workshops, making them enjoyable, engaging and fun!

Andrew takes his work so seriously he even visited the All Blacks HQ in 2017 to check out the validity of the James Kerr ‘Legacy’ book… which just so happened to coincide with the Lions Tour! When he’s not in the rugby stands he can be found making tracks on the ski slopes, cooking for the family or developing his growth mind-set on the golf course.