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Claire Austin

Claire’s has had what the modern world might call a ‘portfolio career’. She’s hopped between the private, voluntary and independent sector in Early Years, she’s worked in Switzerland as a ski instructor – and more recently, cut her teeth in HR as a workforce manager for learning and development.

Therefore she brings lots of experiences from different sectors and is very quick to just ‘get it’ (whatever ‘it’ happens to be)

We love Claire because, truth told, she’s also a bit of a geek. Spreadsheets, Gantt Charts, ‘to-do’ lists – she’s a ninja of ‘getting stuff done’. Claire also has an enviable ability to attend lots of meetings and remain interested (or, at least, look interested). If you combine this with her exceptional talent, passion for wellbeing and forthright manner, it makes Claire a genuine force to be reckon with.

Claire has a degree in teaching and learning post 16 (QTLS) but that’s not nearly as interesting as all the other information you’ve just read. Let’s face it, we all know people who are qualified to their eye-balls and make no difference to the world whatsoever.

Good news, Claire is hell bent on making a difference.