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Gary Thornton

Gary 2

Almost true story. In 1975, when Gary found out that he was adopted, he vowed to run away and join the circus.

He jumped out of the bedroom window onto the soft grass of his Mum and Dad’s front garden (don’t fret, it was a bungalow), and assessed his options. His solid Clarkes shoes sank deeply into the lush turf and he had an immediate rethink. Life wasn’t so bad after all. Nice shoes. Lovely house. Loving parents. Could be that he already had everything he needed to flourish?

Instead of hotfooting it to Billy Smart’s, Gary carved a career in teaching. He never achieved ring master, but did rise to the lofty position of head teacher before jacking it in and retraining as a coach and NLP geek.

G2 likes to tell stories - true and not so true. He’s an extremely bad guitarist. Luckily for us, he’s really good at supporting schools and communities to help their children to have fun while they learn to thrive.