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James Hilton

James spent 25 years in teaching and, yes, that’s more than you get for ‘murder’. But good news, he loved it, especially the 15 years he spent in primary headship.

A Leicester lad, James studied Drama and Education at University, where he undertook numerous performing roles, including the lead role in ‘Oedipus’. When the play was reviewed in ‘The Guardian’ he had the dubious distinction of being the only member of the cast not to be mentioned at all.

Undeterred by this set back, James qualified and migrated 30 miles north to sunny Derby where he has lived ever since.

Pragmatic and down to earth, James has extensive experience of leading through change. He was headteacher of one of the largest and fastest growing primary schools in the UK but still found the time to be a consultant to the National College of School Leadership. He was an adviser to The National Director of Primary Leadership, as well as helping to shape the College’s Leadership Development programmes.

James is passionate about resilience and mental well-being in businesses and schools and is the author of two critically acclaimed books on those subjects.