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Jason Todd

Jason didn’t register very high on the academic Richter Scale. Armed with a cycling proficiency certificate and 3A’s athletics badge, he followed the well-trodden path of get a job, find a partner, and be happy when you retire.


He flitted between builder, removals, coal delivery and fireman (as they were back then) before finding his feet in recruitment. Then things kicked off, big style! Jason built an international recruitment business that floated on the AIM stock market for £22 million. He spent many years driving Porches, wearing fancy watches, drinking fine wines and living the dream… before he realised there was more to happiness and success than cash, trinkets, flash cars and shiny things.

Jason pivoted. He took time out to study and practice a variety of personal development subjects including NLP, hypnosis, dry-stone walling, ecotherapy and stand-up comedy. Even better, he marinated himself in the ‘Art of Brilliance’ messages and is now on a mission to share what he knows.

Jason is a one-off. Larger than life (he’s actually 6 foot 5), he brings boundless energy, enthusiasm, experience, passion and authenticity to the team. He is a firm believer in “Fun Theory” and his training keynotes are full of humour, enlightened thinking and good old-fashioned common sense.

He’s a thoroughly likeable bloke who lives in the Peak District with an amazingly tolerant wife and a small pack of dogs.