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Jason Todd

Jason is passionate about making a difference and committed to Gandhi’s vision of “being the change you want to see in the world”. He does however admit that leaving school with a cycling proficiency and 3A’s athletics badge was not the best of starts.


Despite being under-burdened with traditional qualifications Jason did manage to blaze a trail in the commercial world. After a slowish start [he’s done various jobs including builder, removals, coal delivery and fireman] Jason dipped his toe into sales before finding his feet in recruitment. Then things kicked off, big style! Jason helped build a recruitment business that floated on the AIM stock market for £22 million. He went on to establish and sell a further 2 recruitment consultancies, before realising there was more to happiness and success than cash, trinkets, flash cars and shiny things.

Jason’s keen to point out that it wasn’t mid-life or a crisis, more of a re-awakening. He took time out to study and practice a variety of personal development subjects including NLP, Hypnosis and EFT. But it’s Syd Banks’ 3-Principles that snared him. ‘Inside-out thinking’ is his specialism. Jason’s marinated himself in the ‘Art of Brilliance’ messages and is now on a mission to share what he knows.

Larger than life (he’s actually 6 foot 4), Jason brings boundless energy, enthusiasm and passion to the team and his training and keynotes are full of humour, enlightened thinking and common sense.

He’s a thoroughly likeable bloke who lives in the Peak District with an amazingly tolerant wife and a small pack of dogs.