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Jenny Bancroft

Jen is a new recruit to the happiness family and is currently experimenting with smiling and waving at garbage trucks and relishing waking up without toothache every day.

Jen is a bone fide Essex girl and her two favourite places are Braintree and Vienna. Jen reckons that on a dark night, and in thick fog, the two are pretty similar?

Jen studied in Vienna before getting a high-powered job in London, simulating the effects of hurricanes and earthquakes on virtual buildings. She’s delighted to have upgraded from natural disasters to an even more high-powered career, bringing the art and science of wellbeing to real people in real buildings.

In her spare time, Jen loves nothing more than to attend murder mystery weekends with her dear friend Deb. Who-dunnit? She’s not sure as she and Deb have yet to entirely solve any of the mysteries, but they’ve vowed not to give up until they do.

Jen knows that your overall experience of dealing with ‘Art of Brilliance’ involves much more than just the training bit. She’s part of the backroom team that wants to make you go ‘wow!’