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Lisa Higginbottom

Derby born and bred, passionate about her city and much cleverer than she looks, Lisa ('Leese') just wants to help people be the best they can be.

Leese used to be a politician. The she was her home town mayor, which is when she became involved with ‘Art of Brill’. Leese met Andy and the conversation went something like, “Do you want to make a massive difference to the kids in Derby?” and 20,000 random acts of kindness later, we had a world record.

Leese spearheads our work in and around the Derby area. She’s a qualified NLPer, fire-walker and all-action-hero.

In her spare time Leese gets proper involved in community projects, working with others to make things happen. In fact that’s where her strength really lies – making things happen.

She also had time to squeeze in winning ‘Inspirational Woman of the Year’, nominated for Derby’s Walk of Fame and saved Christmas. But she doesn’t like to talk about it. Suffice to say, Leese sometimes wears her undies on the outside.