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Mark Russell

Recognize the face? No, not from ‘Britain’s Most Wanted’, Mark played professional rugby union for London Harlequins and Blackheath in the 1990s.

As well as allowing him to travel globally, rugby taught Mark some great lessons about life and business and since he retired from professional sport he’s scrubbed up nicely with the aim of making a dent in the universe.

So, where to start? Mark styles himself on Indiana Jones (hence his nickname, ‘Indy’), the globetrotting adventurer and pulp action film hero whose quest to uncover the mysteries of the past throws him into an unforgettable series of adventures. Mark wants to help people find their own ‘treasure’ – that brilliance which is within the reach of each of us! He’s passionate about inspiring people to tap into their unique talents and strengths – to be the best they can be – to fulfil the potential they always knew they had. Mark has worked as a coach and trainer in companies big and small. He also delivers ‘Art of Brilliance’ messages in schools and to sports people and coaches.

Knowledge-wise, he’s an all-rounder. He’s well-versed in positive psychology, emotional intelligence and strengths as well as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and is a qualified hypnotist (so watch out in the front row).

However, while all the information above is ‘interesting’, it is all a side issue. The very best thing about Mark is that he’s keen as mustard to make a difference. Now that really matters!

Mark does have a life outside of work. He’s swapped pro-rugby for being a pro-dad and husband (though he sometimes says that professional rugby was a lot easier!).