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Martin Burder

Martin Burder is a teacher, athlete, magician and musician.

He can be found cycling around the world (his biggest achievement so far), playing music or completing ironman races (although not at the same time!) These adventures – and the lessons he learned – have shaped his ideas on positivism. Blending hard-hitting truths with hilarious anecdotes, Martin motivates the audience with an inspiring sense of their own capacity for achievement and change.

Martin is a passionate advocate for learning new things. He believes that if we begin a task, we will find the resources, the ‘teachers’, and then the will to achieve as many of those challenges as possible. His favourite questions are “what is it you want to achieve?” and then “what does success look like for you?” in order to work with you to fulfil those ambitions. Without these thoughts, he likens this to getting into a taxi and not knowing where you are going.

Martin is a qualified teacher who continues to enjoy life at the chalk-face. But he was unable to resist it when he got the nod from the ‘Art of Brill’ team. He now has a platform to help spread the messages far and wide.