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Martin Burder

Martin is quite something. He is a sought-after keynote speaker, with a passion for wellbeing and an authentic approach that creates change in people’s lives.

Blending hard-hitting truths with hilarious anecdotes, Martin motivates audiences with an inspiring sense of their own capacity for achievement and change. Oh, and he manages to do this without using any big words or fancy jargon.

But there’s more! Martin has spent the last few years developing a wellbeing curriculum for schools and businesses. That means he’s the world’s leading expert in embedding wellbeing into workplaces. Yes, he’s the guy that the experts turn to when they need advice. He’s THAT good!

And even more! Out of work, Martin can be found cycling around the world (his biggest achievement so far), playing music or completing ironman races (although not at the same time!) These adventures – and the lessons he learned – have shaped his ideas on positivism.