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Mike Martin

Mikey is an ‘Art of Brill’ customer turned trainer. He bought the book, got the t-shirt and joined the team. Simple as that!


Mikey’s passion in life has always been to be the difference that makes the difference by inspiring people to make ‘best self’ their default setting.

Mikey is an Art of Brilliance legend. He invented the team catch-phrase (that we all use but can’t repeat on his biog) and when Mikey speaks, we all listen.

We’ve got to talk about some boring bits, but we’ll make it quick. Mikey is an experienced leader with a strong track record of delivering transformational change in organisations. Mikey’s properly clever [Physics degree, post-grad Biz Psychology, life-coach, NLP, etc] but don’t let that put you off. Underneath the bonnet is some disarming niceness, a cracking sense of humour and an ever-so-slightly maverick approach to helping individuals and teams become the best they can be.

In his spare time he co-wrote ‘Leadership the Multiplier Effect’ with Andy Cope and Jonathan Peach. Like you do!

Mikey runs our free online wellbeing community on Discord called The Buzz. In fact, his Huge Unbelievably Great Goal is to make The Buzz the largest online wellbeing community in the world. Imagine a place where anyone can get a little help on their journey and give a little help to others. If you fancy knowing more and chatting with Mikey he’s live in The Buzz every Tuesday at 18:00 UK time for ‘Ask Mikey Anything’, though he is Welsh and is a bit touchy about rugby at the moment…

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