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Mike Martin

Mike is an ‘Art of Brill’ customer turned trainer. He bought the book, got the t-shirt and joined the team. Simple as that!


He’s ‘our man in Wales’ and is passionate about making it an even more brilliant country to live in. As he says, “we live in one of the most beautiful and welcoming places on the planet. We’re world class at so much – scenery, singing, rugby, rain, friendliness & sheep – but sometimes fall short in happiness.” Mike suspects too many of his kin are aspiration to being ‘okay’ or ‘fair to middling’ with a few reaching the pinnacle of ‘tidy’

As Mike says, “We have so much more to offer! I want to help make it a great place to grow up, learn, work and live. Embedding positivity at a national level, now that’s ‘super-tidy’!”

But he’s not keeping all that passion and energy just for Wales. Mike is one of our all-rounders, the rarest of talent, who can deliver corporate keynotes as well as school workshops and individual coaching anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

We’ve got to talk about some boring bits, but we’ll make it quick. Mike is an experienced leader with a strong track record of delivering transformational change in organisations. He’s properly clever [Physics degree, post-grad Biz Psychology, life-coach, NLP, Thought Pattern management, etc] but don’t let that put you off. Mike’s real quality is his disarming niceness, cracking sense of humour and an ever-so-slightly maverick approach to helping individuals and teams become the best they can be.

See that wasn’t so bad.

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