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Paul Field

Paul has been on a 50+ year adventure. Sometimes high, sometimes low. Some success, plenty of failure. But always learning.

Paul’s working life has been varied and interesting. From fruit juice mixer and the Sheraton Copenhagen Hotel linen room, through to 20+ years in primary teaching and headship. Paul has been to a lot of places and done a lot of things.

Consistent throughout his work and personal life has been the pursuit and promotion of positive behaviours, attitudes and relationships. He has led positive cultural change in organisations. He has built effective professional relationships. He has discovered ways to develop his thinking, behaviours and habits to improve how he experiences his precious, blessed life. And he wants to tell everyone about it!

He whole-heartedly embraces the Art of Brill philosophy – take out the big words and make the biggest impact. His gentle delivery style leads to some serious fun and helps turn common sense into common practice.