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Suzie Lavington


Though she’s spent most of her life messing about on stage, Suzie’s achievements aren’t limited to the acting/speaking profession alone. As far as she knows, her year 6 sports day welly-throwing record still stands and she’d happily challenge anyone to a thumb war.

But her proudest accomplishment has been the co-creation of her spectacular daughter, Amelie. Her ‘happy place’ is anywhere the two of them can spend time together. She also enjoys boxing and eating hummus. Though not always at the same time. Other likes include (in no particular order): hot weather, even hotter food and a good, hearty belly laugh. Dislikes: spreadsheets, rudeness, science-fiction and war.

Suzie’s committed to showing people that their potential really does stretch to infinity and beyond… and spreading the message that we can spend more days giving 100%. Unless we’re giving blood.