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Will Hussey

Will is an award-winning best-selling author and key-note speaker, who specialises in making a difference. He encourages people to think, think again and think differently; there is another way.

Will has a degree in Physical and Adventure Education, which is pretty much how he thinks all education should be. Combining teacher-training with stage-hypnosis, Will soon came to realise the importance of cultivating mindset alongside curriculum. He works with a wide variety of individuals, schools and organisations, both at home and abroad, helping them to believe in better.

Will specialises in transformational thinking for ages 5 to 105; often initiating small changes that make a big difference. His innovative Growth Mindset programme is refreshingly different and has been received to rave reviews.

It’s genuinely never too late to learn.

Nice Words about Will

‘Will is a fine orator, and creative and winning presenter, who can turn his hand to a wide range of improvement situations…’
Sally Williams, Headteacher, Stanground St. John’s CofE Primary School, Peterborough

‘What a wonderful alternative to the stultifying predictabilities of WALT and WILF! These activities help bring mastery-oriented learning back in to a performance-oriented curriculum.’
Professor Barry Hymer

‘Thank you for your truly inspirational work… we are very grateful to have had you work with our children.’
Rosanne Tomlin, Kingsbury Green Primary School, Brent

‘Fantastic such a brilliant presentation!’…’Inspiring and passionate!’…’Outstanding!’…’Inspirational and humorous!’
Superstars Headteacher conference, March 18

‘…a massive thank you for yesterday. I laughed, cried, thought and was inspired. I will be passing on your details to the headteachers in our area and local authority. I think it was also one of the few times that I stood up at the end of the course- and I have been in education 30 years!’
Rhian Kenny, Superstars Headteacher conference, March 18

‘Re-motivated staff at the start of a New Year and helped many to reignite their happiness which ultimately will improve their lives and that of the children in our school. Thank you.’
Headteacher, Gunthorpe Primary School, Jan ‘18

‘Great teachers like Will Hussey understand the technical dimensions of delivering a curriculum but also know that this is only part of the story. I have admired the way he brings out the best in children.’
Doctor Richard Gamman (Previously Principal Ed. Psych. Peterborough City Council.)