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Will Hussey

Will Hussey is in the business of change. The truth? We can all learn to be better. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require action. Fortunately, the Science of Flourishing is designed to help you do more, be more and achieve more.

In short, Will specialises in helping you to be more YOU!

Personally, professionally, individually, collectively: it sometimes feels like we’re going through the motions. Human beings are built for performance but programmed for efficiency. If we’re not careful, life lapses into the routine. We do what we’ve always done and subsequently perennially underachieve.

Will’s workshops, training and keynotes deliver a substantial upgrade. He believes it’s perfectly possible to harness the behaviours that could quite possibly transform your life – and those around you.

Will Hussey is an award-winning best-selling author, collaborating with the likes of Dr Andy Cope, Professor Barry Hymer and Gavin Oattes. He has a degree in Physical and Adventure Education, which is pretty much how he thinks all learning should be. Will has enjoyed working with numerous businesses and schools around the world to deliver positive, sustainable change for the better.

Nice Words about Will

“Best training I’ve had in the 20+ years I’ve worked here.”
Sarah April 2024

“Fantastic! From start to finish!”
Haughton School April 2024

“You are great, mixing practicality with science. Thank you for the inspiration.”
Rachel  Nov 2023

“Thank -you Will for a very inspirational morning. Everything resonated with me and you were great to listen to. Fun and light -hearted but addressing a very serious and important subject.”
Jo Nov 2023

“Absolutely fantastic!!  Interesting to listen to, thought provoking and achievable. Thoroughly enjoyed the session.”
Lisa Jan 2024
Pinner Wood

“Thank you for your positivity, enthusiasm and knowledge.”
Jude Tillingbourne Jan 2024

“Good mix of listening and participation”
Sarah Feb 2024
Pyrford Primary

“Just an awesome reminder of coming back to our true self and giving grace for the experience of living through the bumps in the road.”
|Jo April 2024
North east Derbyshire district council

“Left the session feeling super inspired, really great analogies and will is a fantastic speaker.”
Lucy May 2024
Hyster- Yale

“Will was AMAZING and left me feeling truly inspired and thankful for everything I have!”
Kayleigh April 2024
Primary School Bradford

“This is not the first time I have used Art of Brilliance personally, but it is the first time using them with Hyster Yale. I had mentioned them to my manager so when we had the go ahead to get you guys in, I was excited and nervous because it was all from my recommendation. However, there was nothing at all to be nervous about, Will and the AoB team delivered yet another fantastic session and I know that HYG are looking forward to using them more going forward!”
Hyaster-Yale May 2024