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Famously, Archimedes experienced his eureka moment in the bath, Colonel Sanders had his in a kitchen in Kentucky and J K Rowling had hers in a café in Edinburgh.

Less famously, Andy had his just outside Swadlincote, in the pouring rain. Writing a personal development book in the style of a travel guide! Immediately, he liked it. His mind whirred with places he could visit, analogies to be had, not to mention the quirk and fun.

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But everyone has doubts so it wasn’t long before Andy’s mind turned to questions. ‘I write kids’ books for a living so figure my mental age of 8¾ isn’t typical. Just because I’m excited, doesn’t mean anyone else will be. Maybe a ‘happiness travel book’ isn’t such a good idea? Nobody’s done it before. Does that mean it’s not worth doing, or that it’s not actually possible?’

The rain came down harder and Swadlincote was looking particularly bleak. What if instead of running naked down the street, Archimedes had just continued soaking in his bath? What if The Colonel had kept his secret chicken recipe to himself? What of JK had thought her idea about a boarding school for wizards was too stupid for words?

What if, out of a dozen years of PhD research, his 100k word thesis needed translating into something enlightening, informative and fun? And a travel guide was the perfect vehicle?

Andy decided it’d be worth giving it a really good go, especially if he teamed up with some writing buddies and the book enabled them to poke fun at academia, therapy, religion, society and themselves. To paraphrase Stan from South Park, just because we laugh doesn’t mean we don’t care.

We hope you enjoy the journey.


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