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Wellbeing Workout 5 – Online programme

(50 customer reviews)


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With the world in pandemic pandemonium we are bringing the ‘Art of Being Brilliant’ experience online, with just one aim: to boost the world’s reserves of happiness.

We have created an 8-week online programme that can be beamed to your living room. Our WELLBEING WORKOUT gives you an opportunity to enjoy 8 of our favourite modules live in our private Facebook group.

Find out more below or on our Wellbeing Workout webpage! Once you’ve purchased your place, we’ll email you with joining instructions.

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At ‘Art of Brilliance’, human flourishing is our thing. With the world in pandemic pandemonium we are bringing the ‘Art of Being Brilliant’ experience online, with just one aim: to boost the world’s reserves of happiness.

In true Art of Brill style there will be no big words or fancy jargon, just MASSIVE action. We have created an 8-week online programme that can be beamed to your living room. Our WELLBEING WORKOUT gives you an opportunity to enjoy 8 of our favourite modules live in our private Facebook group. We will be interacting with you directly on your goals, dreams and wellbeing journey.

The programme is backed by 20 years of research into the science of positive psychology, headed by a Doctor of Happiness and a team of world class trainers who have delivered wellbeing programmes all around the world.

We would LOVE for you to join because the world deserves the best you. Your loved ones deserve the best you. Most importantly, you deserve the best you.

Our 8 week online Wellbeing Workout costs just £138.

For £138 you will get access to:

  • ‘Art of Brill’s’ brilliant online programme, backed by Dr Andy and his team
  • 8 LIVE #wellbeingworkout webinars, with cutting edge content
  • 8 community ZOOM conferences to chat and reflect on the content in more depth
  • 8 practical activities to take away and do
  • A network of delegates, each focused on personal development
  • ‘Brilliant Buddies’ from previous workouts for additional support
  • A Certificate of Wellbeing on completion
  • One of our world famous happy tee shirts
  • A support network of like minded people going forwards – at the end of the 8 week session access to the group and all the resources will continue so that the cohort can continue to support each other.

Webinars will be broadcast live into our private Facebook group each Monday at 6PM (UK time), although they will all be recorded so that you can re-watch in the event you can’t attend live.

You might have read the book, attended the course and maybe even got the teeshirt. Now, for the first time, the world’s best training sessions are available online. Welcome to the future!

Bottom line? You will never make a better investment in your wellbeing, happiness and mental health. 2022 is about rising stronger. The #WELLBEINGWORKOUT will kick-start your mojo and get you in the right frame of mind to deal with whatever 2022 throws at you.

50 reviews for Wellbeing Workout 5 – Online programme

  1. Sandra Newing-Griffiths

    So amazing I want to do it again. Felt over too early.

  2. Mr Simon Walton (verified owner)

    You think you know what’s good for you? Well this course put’s that onto an altogether different level! With weekly lectures and seminars from the inspirational art of brilliance team this is one big mental kick up the backside. Getting your mind working out how you can be your best self means, like the proverbial apple a day, it can help make life a healthier better place and keep the ‘mood hoovers’ at bay. Coming at this time it’s just what I needed to remind me how really good life can be. A very big thanks to Sanjeev Sandhu and the Art of Brilliance team including the Doctor (of happiness) Andy Cope.

  3. Helga Beer (verified owner)

    Words cannot do justice to how happy I am that I have done the wellbeing workout! I am (I need to pinch myself) doing a new job that I now love (found my WHY for sure), I have moved to a lovely cottage by the sea and I am so much happier. I am not saying everyone wants to make monumental changes, but oh my goodness – I genuinely can’t believe how the world feels like it has opened up for me. I still don’t quite know what magic they weaved, but I can honestly say, it has turned my life around. Positivity is the way forward! Join up now without delay! The best money you will ever spend…

  4. Louise D (verified owner)

    The Wellbeing Workout is truly amazing! It is brimming full of positivity and care and you can’t help but be motivated to find inner calm, strength, purpose and drive.

    I initially hesitated before joining up as I thought it was quite a few weeks and a bit of a time commitment, but I can honestly say I have loved every minute and have eagerly looked forward to each session. I really will miss it, now my course is coming to an end, but I have no doubt that the theories, practical tips and the motivational stories will have an impact on me and others around me for years to come. It has challenged my thought processes within an extremely supportive environment.

    Everyone of the session presenters were outstanding and the content was taught in a polished and professional manner with stories, practical scenarios and helpful tips. The content was backed up with research but all told in an easy to understand and down to earth manner.

    I would recommend this Wellbeing Workout to everyone. It is the best course I have ever been on!

  5. Tony Cronin (verified owner)

    The course takes place on Monday (webinar) and Thursday (Zoom). However i could only manage the Monday session but it didn’t matter in the slightest.

    Creating awareness to remind ourselves that life is about the choices we make is so simple but delivered extremely effectively by the art of brill team. I thoroughly enjoyed each week and each incredible presenter and for the awakening it provided.

    My choices are definitely more considered. Thank you.


  6. Christine Walker (verified owner)

    Although I couldn’t join the meetings live due to work commitments, I really looked forward to catching up on Facebook by watching the recordings. It was a highlight of the week to relax and listen to such inspiring speakers. I’d definitely recommend the course for inspiration on being happy with life and changing your outlook and future. I intend to book up again.

  7. Ian McKnight (verified owner)

    I completed WBW3 with AOB in 2020: I thought had written feedback, but, hey ho as a nurse 2020/21 has been a challenging time. I highly recommend this course and how it informed my own self development and, most importantly positivity. It delivers 8 weekly webinars and then 8 zoom support sessions (you will meet some incredible individuals, they are out there and it’s you and me!). During the course there are some very influential and interesting speakers who deliver the programme and also your peer learners. I now make sure to highlight the importance of wellbeing as a normal part of my work. When I get frustrated rather than waste energy, I reflect on it and look for a positive outcome. I tend to be more focused and recently emailed my chief executive on my thoughts on wellbeing and the need for our organisation to celebrate what it’s achieved (something I would have been reluctant to do in the past). On challenging days I just think of some random ridiculous thought! After all, when did it last rain cats and dogs? Warning! If you are like me, your reading shelf will grow considerably….

  8. Emma Boulton

    Where do I start? I had the pleasure of a couple of short workshops from Dr Andy through work. These gave me the courage to make me a priority.
    Booking was quick and easy and before I know it the first session was here. Five mins before the doubts were creeping in but before long I was wondering why I was anxious.
    The sessions are lively, fun and thought provoking. I came away from each session eager to put what I had heard into practice; some things will take me longer to ‘get’ but it’s just a work in progress.
    This course has given me not only a toolkit for being my best but a group of loveliest like minded buddies.
    Art of Brilliance you are in the word of Tina Turner “simply the best, better than all the rest”
    Thank you for all you have given to us, you are amazing superstars

  9. Louise (verified owner)

    I have been a huge fan of the Art of Brilliance for a long time so I had to sign up to this and it hasn’t disappointed. The well-being workout has been inspiring and thought provoking every week and has absolutely brought about positive change, not just for me but also my family and friends who I have been slowly drip feeding the ideas and strategies to each week. Don’t hesitate about signing up, you will love it!

  10. Andrea Barber (verified owner)

    My final week of wellbeing workout 3!
    What can I say?
    The whole 8 weeks has been amazing.
    Each week a Magic Monday of Facebook live, different speakers each week, different topics.
    Thursday, a zoom meeting, interactive session discussing the weeks topic.
    A private Facebook group to discuss, help and support each other.
    It has helped me immensely to look at myself, look after myself, be grateful, be present, and strive to be the best me I can be. It has given me the confidence to live my best life.
    It’s helped me deal with my stresses, both professionally and personally and given me loads of tips, tools and tricks to smile everyday.
    And the support from all the team and attendees like myself has been fab.
    I would definitely recommend this course to everyone!
    Do it for yourself, because you are most certainly worth it.
    It is the best self care I have done for a long time.

  11. Ivanka Meuleman

    From the very start, this workout felt uplifting, heartwarming & encouraging. To share experiences with everybody in the session, both trainers and other trainees has been great. It’s so very powerful to connect with other people who (want to) have a positive mindset and set out to make a change.
    I’ve been exploring positive psychology for years and this training packs it all a 6 week workout – it’s absolutely brilliant !
    Each of the trainers highlights a different aspect and in the end it all leads up to truly being to be best version of yourself. To top it all off: there’s always a sense of playfulness and humour about it, which I loved 🙂 This course is the best treat you can give yourself !

  12. Mairead (verified owner)

    I have loved every minute of Well-being Workout 3. From the insightful streams of wisdom on a Monday night, to the Thursday Zoom calls, to the fab community in our Facebook page, it’s all been great. Such moments of clarity for me. Giving me a real chance to pause, focus and not only start to define what I need and want, but how to start getting there. Thank you to each and every one of the WBW3 crew – both the AOBers and my fellow journey-mates. It’s been a blast.

  13. Kerry Strong (verified owner)

    I couldn’t have asked for better company during this third lockdown!
    It has been thought provoking, challenging and uplifting in equal measure.
    There is soooo much value in this workshop! The trainers are fabulous and will meet you where you are in your own journey, without judgement. Their passion is infectious and will help you to realise your own potential.
    I know that I will continue to revisit the learning in this workout for many years to come. This is a fabulous springboard to the future 2% version of you! Go for it, you future self is cheering you on!

  14. Hannah Palmer (verified owner)

    Having read the rave reviews I was mindful my expectations were high having also read the awesome Art of Being Brilliant. My expectations were soon exceeded, the quality and the format of the wellbeing workout made the content inspiring and accessible. The opportunity to share the journey as part of a group has been beautiful. This investment in myself was one of the best decisions I have made, I feel refreshed, informed and ready to take life on with renewed energy!

  15. Emily Young (verified owner)

    Wow…what an experience!!!
    Never did I think that after listening to a Facebook live for an hour my life would change instantly…but it did!
    The well-being workout has brought so much excitement, energy and happiness to my life and I have made some friends who I know are here to stay.
    The support offered from the trainers, buddies and fellow members alike is fantastic and it really feels like being part of a new family.
    The clear structure to the sessions is fantastic. Starting with a webinar session, followed by a zoom call later in the week, it allows plenty of time to think about the different topics and questions/thoughts before the community zoom call.
    If you are looking for a positive change, likeminded people to share with, or even just a smile this course is definitely for you!

  16. Geoff Davies

    Currently on week six of this fabulous course. It has been inspirational so far with very supportive trainers and a wonderful community to back it up. The knowledge and experiences shared will help me be my best self.

  17. Amanda Bayliss (verified owner)

    If you are reading this review then firstly I would just like to congratulate you for recognising the importance of self- development and self-care. I can reassure you that the latter is by no means a selfish act, you are simply being mindful of your own needs, so you are better equipped to support yourself and the people you care about.

    I enrolled onto Wellbeing Workout 3 after much deliberation with myself. Being a full time mum and looking to return to the workplace later this year, I recognised that I needed a boost to my own wellbeing.

    If you want to know how it feels to be the best version of yourself on a regular basis, look no further than the Wellbeing Workout sessions!

    They say variety is the spice of life and the sessions and team definitely bring that spice! Although the sessions are different in their own right, they all fit together perfectly to bring across the overall message of the Wellbeing Workout.

    I am so grateful for the opportunities the Workout has provided me with. As Wellbeing Workout 3 draws closer to Session 8, I do not see this as the end, but the beginning of a much needed reality check to maintain my Wellbeing!

    A huge thank you to the awesome team behind the Art of Brilliance and to my fellow Wellbeing family. This truly has been a game changer for me.., you have created a Wellbeing Warrior!

    I would 100% recommend!

  18. Michael Walby (verified owner)

    I’ve been an avid self development book reader for many years. And to be honest I have made some small progress to being better. But this workshop, has made a big difference. The content, the presenters, the format, the many many attendees with their input, have all combined to make this a very worthwhile experience; worth the time and money I’ve invested.
    Dr Andy, Sanj and their team have great advice, ideas, stories and the ZOOM reviews with all the attendees provide great opportunities for reflection and having questions answered.
    The weekly activities link well and build into a really helpful and practical toolkit to “be the best you”.

  19. Abby (verified owner)

    Where to start with this amazing course?! As a mental health podcaster and support group leader, I thought I had a pretty good knowledge of wellbeing but this really gets into the nitty gritty of YOU! The trainers are wonderfully encouraging and supportive as are the other Workout-ers! You really do get out what you put in so dive in and enjoy!

  20. Kerry Malcolm (verified owner)

    Starting to consider a new workout plan for 2021? Look no further – WELL-BEING WORKOUT 3 with Art of Brilliance is a workout with a difference. It is designed with YOU in mind; whoever YOU are, wherever YOU are and whatever YOU need. There is something for everyone;

    • Inspiring presenters – who know their happiness ‘stuff’, listen and deliver great, thought-provoking sessions week on week

    • Engaging content – evidence backed and absolutely no jargon

    • Fun and practical – full to the brim with tips and tweaks to put into your daily life that will give YOU the workout YOU

    • Connection – access to a BRILLIANT ‘tribe’ of facilitators, ambassadors and delegates through live webinars, Zoom workouts
    and a closed Facebook page. Engage as much as YOU want, at your own pace, in your own way. No pressure.

    I’ve just finished Well-being Workout 2. Except, that’s a lie, it’s not really finished it’s one of those courses that’s never really done. YOU just keep working out. It has made me BE different and reminded me that I can put on my best pants every day and BE my very best self. That’s great in my book!

    2021 is going to be a different year – in 2021 why not choose a different workout for YOU?

  21. Jason Elton (verified owner)

    The content and range of speakers is vast throughout the whole of this wellbeing workout. To top that, the community and friendships within the workout is outstanding.
    The course is flexible in that you can catch up at anytime, without fear of content disappearing, leaving you to ‘study’ and work at your pace.
    Put simply, your investment will improve your mental wealth, providing you with a grounding to tackle a broad range of up to date wellbeing practice, brought to you by a crack team of experts in their field. You won’t regret competing this excellent workout.

  22. Lisa Bellamy (verified owner)

    Having the time of my life on Wellbeing Workout 2, thank you!
    Already fairly 2%-ish I fancied this to see how I could be even better.
    Structured sessions with the support of both the official ‘hosts’, previous workout-ers and fellow cohort has enabled me to really think about what I do well and what could be better, alongside hints and tips to get to (and remain!) at the top of my game.
    Wellbeing and Mental Wealth is always important and even more so during 2020.
    I think this is a programme I will definitely be taking with me into the future, thanks again!

  23. Gary Hunt (verified owner)

    An absolutely superb course. Packed with ideas and proven techniques to get you moving forward. As part of Wellbeing Workout #1, l have obtained many of the goals l set out in writing. Still working toward other long-term goals. Also had a few blunders that came along in life which is normal right…Used the techniques discussed/shown in these sessions and rebounded and kept moving forward.
    Loved these sessions, well worth your time invested.

  24. T (verified owner)

    This course has been the best thing for me at a time when I really needed a little pick-me-up and some support….. and I’ve received both in spades!

    I love that I never know what to expect. Every week is a different topic and a different presenter so you can slowly start to build layers of self-discovery in every aspect of your life.

    The Team are amazing; caring, knowledgeable and most importantly really good fun. They are genuine and authentic and leave you with a sense of wanting to be part of their happy tribe.

    It’s been the best money I’ve spent this year. I guarantee it will make you see life in a slightly different (more positive) way and you will learn tools and ways of making the most of life.

  25. Louise (verified owner)

    I am loving the WBW 2 experience and learning how to “Shine”. Lots to learn and amazing support.

    I am grateful for the opportunity to do this. And recommend you give it a go and sign up.

  26. Jennie (verified owner)

    I thought “how can doing a zoom call once a week with a bunch of strangers make a difference?”

    I thought “other people are 2 percenters, I’m not capable”.

    But I threw my money in and gave it a go.

    And I can’t believe how much this group has changed my outlook on life, my self belief and my positivity.

    Amazing insights, small shifts, big gains, lots of friends.

    Best money I have spent.
    Treat yourself. Actually, it’s not a treat, it’s a basic need to have this knowledge.
    This course should be part of everyone’s education.

    This course might change your life…

  27. Tammy Rowe (verified owner)

    I am so lucky to be apart of the second wbw. I was apart of the first one and I have continued to learn more and more about myself. It is a course that will make you wonder why you didn’t do this before? Invest in you next year, your wellbeing matters. A community of people who are all investing in their wellbeing wealth. You deserve this! Treat yourself to an amazing 2021, you will not be disappointed

  28. Kate Tipton (verified owner)

    This course is – quite simply – BRILLIANT!
    So many highlights for me – but if I had to pick one thing that makes this the most life-affirming personal development I have ever done, it would have been the supportive, compassionate, inspirational tribe of people who chose to take this journey along with me. I have been moved to tears, and to laughter, over and over again.
    I want to be a better version of me, and the AOB team and my fellow travellers on this journey helped me to become just that – and we are only partway through.
    My only regret is that I waited for WBW2 and did not join WBW1 when I had the chance.
    Don’t wait.
    Join up now.
    You will not regret it.

  29. Sara Kay (verified owner)

    This course is nothing short of supercalifrajalisticexpealidocious!
    I’ve learnt so much more than I ever envisaged!. Along with this a super supportive community who will equally nourish you too. I attended the first course in July 2020 and then went on to help out on the next course too.
    You really won’t be disappointed in this indepth, superb self-development course. Learn to shine even more!

  30. Georgina B (verified owner)

    The art of brilliance has changed my whole outlook on life for the better. It has made me a much more positive, braver and caring person. The support network is second to none from the course leaders to the fantastic community that has developed from other participants. I don’t think I have ever gone through so many emotions in such a short space of time. Self development is not a selfish act it’s a must. You will not be disappointed with the wellbeing workout. It’s much more than 2 sessions for 8 weeks it’s a game changer ❤️.

  31. Hayley (verified owner)

    My husband says that he has never seen me smile so much! This course has turned my life upside down, in a good way. It has not only had an impact on me but it has had a knock on effect for my family and friends who are all benefitting from the positivity the course brings. Please, do this for you and make a change, you will not regret its

  32. Clare Clarke (verified owner)

    Hand on heart… literally the best decision I have ever made! Just about to begin week 7 and WOW… I’m a different person now to before I began Wellbeing workout!

    I’ve been a fan of The Art of Brilliance for 4 years, not only do you have live webinars from the fantastic AOB team, you have an online community of like minded people all working towards becoming better versions of themselves, to connect, support and share goals with!

    I’ve made so many new friends from this course and now have the tools I need to continue my journey of positivity..

    I definitely recommend this for anyone needing a boost of happiness and wanting to improve their health… mentally, physically and emotionally

    what are you waiting for?

  33. Mary Lynch (verified owner)

    I joined the Well being workout because I wanted to end 2020 on a positive note. The course was so much more than I expected.
    The course offers some fabulous talks which are delivered in a very relaxed manner and I loved the fact that we can ask questions. At the same time there is absolutely no pressure and nobody is going to ask me questions – phew. ! The sessions can be what we make of them and the resources are there to refer back to.The support from the Well-being buddies is amazing. I have enjoyed having access to suggestions for further reading, inspirational quotes, motivational music as well as many many laughs with friends on the group.I have even learnt to zoom ! Each week is well co ordinated by Sanj whose positivity shines.
    I am sad because we only have two weeks left but I know that despite developing a deeper understanding of my own motivation this is just a boost to my sense of direction and feel much closer to reaching my goals in life. For me personally I have made many new likeminded friends and one of those friends is myself ,despite my flaws.
    Thank you to every member of the AOBB team , I cannot recommend Well-being 3highly enough. It is simply Brilliant.

  34. Fliss Wingrove (verified owner)

    I’m a psycholinguist so understand more than most the power of words and how to positively impact our own internal narrative, but I’ve picked up some *great* insights from the Wellbeing Workout, as well as some brilliant reminders about all aspects of staying well – mentally, physically and emotionally. The support has been unreal too, and not just from the wonderful Art of Brilliance team, but also from my fellow ‘wellbeings’. I’ve made some friends here that will be with me for life and I can’t recommend it all more highly!

  35. Lea Ellis

    The only way is up! Whatever stage you are at in your life, this course will make it all a whole lot better. No magic wands as such and certainly no quick fixes, but a very safe, friendly and supportive environment to explore your well being and the impact that it has on both personal and professional life.
    In a modern society where we can often feel without control and that more often than not things are ‘done to us’, this course is a breath of fresh air. Over the sessions of seminars and live zoom interactive meetings, experts in the field share their wealth of knowledge and their own personal experiences.
    We all come from different places and not just geographically. The experiences that have shaped us are unique to us. The Art of Brilliance team offer a tool kit to challenge and guide our preconceptions and fears and most importantly teach us how to love ourselves for who we are, celebrating our wholeness as brilliant human beings.
    I absolutely loved this course and the amazing people on it. We’re all at different places on our journey, but have shared laughter and tears and come away knowing we have a network of support. This course really has been a light in the darkness of this crazy year.

  36. Joanne

    Brilliantly brilliant ! , what more can I say.

    I joined this course having been a fan of AOB for several years. It was gift to myself to give me a well-being boost (given the current situation) and to learn something new too. I’d read many of Andy’s books but never had the opportunity to go on a course …. when I saw it advertised I jumped at the chance.
    What I didn’t expect was to meet such a great bunch of like minded people who helped, supported and encouraged along the way. Andy and his team were so inspiring, the efforts everyone went too was beyond what I expected, they were in it 100%.
    The fb group is still continuing which is fab so we can carry on with our “Magic Monday’s” plus I am proud to have been asked to be a well-being buddy for workout 2!
    Honestly, if you are still undecided go for it …… it’ll be the BEST 8 weeks of 2020 !!!

  37. Charlotte Witteridge (verified owner)

    Taking part in the Wellbeing Workout has been a fantastic experience! As a longstanding Art of Brilliance fan, I have learnt lots of new things through listening to the webinar sessions – they have been a fixture in my week that I eagerly look forward to!

    The course content has been well thought through, and all of the trainers have delivered their sessions with humour and authenticity – they have been a pleasure to listen to. The support from the whole of the team has been brilliant. There is a good mix of theory and practical tips to take away and start using straight away. The webinars are so professionally presented, and I leave each week with lots of concepts and ideas to think about, as well as some fantastic ‘homework’ activities to complete to help me develop my thinking.

    Given these challenging times we are living in, taking part in the Wellbeing Workout was just the tonic I needed to help me to take control of shaping what the ‘new normal’ looks like for me, and to help build up my resilience. I would thoroughly recommend getting involved. Thank you Art of Brilliance Team!

  38. Emma Harrison (verified owner)

    After seeing Dr Andy Cope at a conference, the organisation where I work brought in Jon Peach for a key note and was outstanding! Therefore, when I saw the Wellbeing Workout advertised I thought I would give it a go; and you get a famous ‘Happy’ T-shirt! 🙂

    It has been a great journey listening and absorbing different techniques to take on the world with a fantastic online group.

    I’ve loved my shot of positivity every Monday night and feel privileged to have been on cohort one.

    Don’t think, just do and book on!

  39. Tara Papworth

    Loved it, loved it, LOVED it!!

    What I really love about the Art of Brilliance is that they use clear, real-life, easy-to-understand language for positive psychology, meaning it’s really useful and something you can easily apply in lots of small steps but which can make big changes.

    It’s been a well-paced course, often enough to keep the momentum going but with enough time to go away and reflect on what you’ve learnt too – it’s not overwhelming.

    I also love that it’s not just ‘being talked at’ (which is hard *not* to do with online courses just because of the nature of what they are) – rather, it combines a live stream where people can engage while watching using comments, exercises to go away and take practical action and Zoom calls and the facebook group where you can interact with the other group members.

    Would 100% recommend!

  40. Rebecca Broomfield (verified owner)

    I have absolutely loved being part of the first wellbeing workout. It has given me a clear focus and tools on improving my own wellbeing as well as hints and tips to share with those around me thus creating a ripple effect.

    The support that you get on the group from the trainers and other members is so valuable and has helped me to explore my SUGG’s and HUGGS more deeply that I would have been able to achieve alone. The topics aren’t easy ones, they demand a commitment to looking a bit harder at who you are, what you do and why you do it. (It’s self demanded, never by the team!) But each week is presented in an interesting and authentic way motivating you to do your ‘homework’ and get the absolute most from the people you are surrounded by.

    Absolutely loved it and very sad that the weekly topics are coming to an end.

  41. Clare J (verified owner)

    Wellbeing workout is the perfect title for this course.
    10 weeks of truly inspiring and practical tools by the absolutely brilliant Art of Brilliance team, plus a supportive and motivational group alongside you all of the way – it’s so beneficial to hear how others are putting all of these tools into action in their own lives!
    I can’t believe there are only 2 weeks left, but my head, heart and notebook are filled with resources and ideas to enable me to be my best self, whatever is going on around me,
    Definitely a course to throw yourself into, the more you give, the more you will get out of it. Perfect for both those positive psychology enthusiasts or simply anyone who needs a wellbeing boost in 2020 and beyond. And importantly, so fun and relatable!

  42. Alan Mead

    I’m on the Wellbeing Workout and as I write this, sadly there’s only 2 weeks left – we’re all going to be really sorry when it finishes as its been so good! This has been a really invigorating programme. It has helped me to take a fresh look at how I do what I do in the most positive way. I’ve had fantastic advice and support, been fired up by inspiring ideas, and challenged in the most positive ways. It’s a tremendous course and if you have the chance to join it, make sure you do – you won’t regret it!

  43. Jemma (verified owner)

    If you are a positive psychology junkie, a self care enthusiast, or if you’ve just lost your sparkle in the 2020 minefield, this is for you. If none of these things apply, it’s probably still for you. Everyone needs this course in their life!
    I’ve always considered myself super positive and enthusiastic about everything. The wellbeing workout has made me look deeper, to make life even more amazing! You’re supported by the best coaches, surrounded by the best people, and learning so much about what makes you you, and how to be the very best version!

  44. Lucy (verified owner)

    This course is fantastic for getting right down to the nitty gritty of what it means to YOU to be brilliant! It teaches a great mix of stuff for you to consider alongside practical and fun exercises and tools to use and adapt to suit your life and situation.

    It has been fun, amusing, and most importantly – really relatable! Not one hard going dry theory in sight.

    I’ll be honest, I’m still processing what some of this means for me- and will be for a while to come, but it has reminded me that life is for living and you can make the decision to go out and smash it and have fun, or you can mood hoover and suck the fun out of it… it’s up to you!

  45. Sally

    Well this is one of those courses that does exactly what it says on the tin….it is a fabulous wellbeing workout, and from a team who are, indeed, brilliant. It will change your perspective, your motivation, your mood, your energy, your understanding and therefore your life.
    Excellent, motivational, and inspiring presentations from the very approachable art of brilliance team.
    Do it. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Enjoy!!

  46. Marie Pattenden

    I’m on week 8 of the well-being work out and loving it so far! It gets you thinking about yourself and how you can improve your well-being and become a 2%er 🙂
    I will be putting everything I have learnt so far into practice. Recommend doing this course!

  47. Tracey Kendall (verified owner)

    So here goes folks ! Basically this course is absolutely the best gift you could give yourself! This year alone has placed such pressure on our mental wellbeing, even pre-pandemic the rat race and hamster wheel effect that life has on us can send the most level headed into turmoil! This wellbeing course provides both practical and “deep thinking” concepts to not only support but enhance your overall wellbeing. Learning about “art of brilliance” and the work of Dr Andy Cope and his team has inspired and intrigued me greatly during lockdown. I truly believe in the benefits of positivity and seeking happiness. We all not only deserve it but thrive on it. So if you want to explore a little more about wellbeing and it’s impacts this course is a must for you. The course content is delivered with expertise and humour combined. The team all have expertise in different areas that when combined, the knowledge can be no less than life changing. I think everyone would benefit from doing this wellbeing course.

  48. Tammy Rowe (verified owner)

    If you are interested in making yourself shine even more and be engrossed into every Monday’s workout sessions then this is the course for you. Week 8 and I’ve already achieved so much more than I would of thought I would. Re-evaluation of my career and looking at a change, made some amazing like minded friends and everyone is so supportive and great! You will not be disappointed in this course. Your mental wealth matters! So many opportunities have been given to me and made me believe in myself more than I already did. Being a 2percenter you can’t think there is any more you can do but how wrong I am! There is so much to be discovered. Thank you Art of Brilliance for changing my path and helping things to become clarified and clear.

  49. Rebecca Claxton (verified owner)

    I’m a huge personal development junkie and wellbeing advocate, but the Wellbeing Workout has definitely spurred me on to walk my walk and not just talk my talk. Such a fantastic programme!

  50. Sheralyn Thorne (verified owner)

    Currently in Week 6 of the Wellbeing Workout course and no words can describe how brilliant it has been so far. I’ve always been a super fan of Andy Cope but have now discovered he’s part of a ‘Super Team’ of amazing, knowledgable and inspirational people who provide a different dimension to Andy but compliments his area of expertise.

    Perhaps it should come with a warning, it’s a little warning, but still needs to be said – this is going to change all aspects of your life AND those around you too. I will be forever grateful for the warm & helpful team and the knowledge they have shared with us so far. Thank you Art of Brilliance team and Thank You Sanj for nagging Andy to do this

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