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Happiness Club

We reckon only about 2% of people fall into the category of feeling consistently great.

The “2%ers” stand out a mile. They are enthusiastic, optimistic, energetic, effervescent and possess a ‘can-do’ mentality.

Research shows that they live longer, are more productive and raise the happiness levels of the people around them.

But, let’s face it, everyone needs a reminder! Staying happy and positive takes practice and know-how. You could do with all the help you can get!

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If you’re a 2%er and want to sign up for an our email mailing list, which sends regular injections of positivity or attend a couple of free events every year, please send us your details using the form below. The Happiness club has got big plans for 2020, so join now to guarantee your involvement in some really cool stuff (It only takes a minute to join!)