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Embedding positivity and character education in your school Embedding Positivity and Character Education in your School
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Happiness is your school’s competitive advantage because, unquestionably, you shine brightest when you’re being your best self. Character, resilience, happiness, strengths, wellbeing, grit, positivity, growth mindsets, aspiration - whatever you know it as, we all understand the importance of investing in our children and colleagues as people. Indeed, parents demand it, Ofsted inspects it, governors challenge it and pupils need it.

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Life-changing stuff

We have developed an amazing NEW package to embed positive attitudes across your whole school community. We introduce ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ into your school and then the project is handed over to your chosen year group to design and deliver their own programme, creating a ripple of positivity that will go way beyond the school gates.

The key to embedding the principles is to involve your pupils from the start and use our robust evaluation process to demonstrate your success to governors, parents, inspectors and any other person interested in your school.

The Embedded Programme

Owned, designed and run by your pupils, our inspiring four-day programme works like this:

Day 1

One of our leaders works with your identified pupil group (and adults) to explore the key principles of positivity, happiness, resilience, goal-setting, personal responsibility, impact, kindness and aspiration. Massive learning that also happens to be great fun. Participants will be given some ‘happiness homework’.

Day 2

Our leader returns for part 2 and the children begin to identify the actions needed to move your school to new heights of positive excellence. The children formulate a school plan based around ‘10 things we will do to make this school the best in the county’.

Day 3

The children will be busy working on their ‘brilliant’ school plan. Your leader is back in school for a reminder of the lessons and to monitor progress. Consider this a ‘pre- inspection’ wellbeing visit, a chance to polish the presentations and refine the reports.

Day 4

The BIG moment our independent happiness inspector visits the school to judge your progress. Remember, this is the children presenting and providing evidence against their ‘10-point plan’. The inspector will make a judgement and your school awarded either an “Awesome” or “Well Impressed” outcome (lower grades are possible but our leaders’ commitment is to work with your children until one of the top grades is achieved)

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The Inspection Area

We will support you and your children to focus on real, demonstrable impact in five key areas:

Picture of the five key areas
  • Individual: How have my actions made me happier?

  • Class: How have our actions improved our learning?

  • School: How has our positive approach made our school happier?

  • Family: How have we made a difference at home?

  • Community: What have we done to lift our community?

The Package

The aim is to leave a sustainable, long-term wellbeing ethos, driven by the children themselves, that they cascade down to the next year group. The ‘Brilliant Schools’ package can be delivered to individual schools or clusters of like-minded schools. The package can be tailored to suit years 5 to 13, and to any academic ability.

Your school will receive a full, inspection-friendly report, addressed to and written for the children. It will high- light their successes and identify the actions needed to develop and sustain their brilliance. In addition, your school receives a full colour ‘Outstandingly Happy School’ banner for the school gates

Further details

Picture of an envelopeBecause of the specialist nature of this package (and since no two schools are alike) it’s best to talk to one of our ‘Brilliant Schools’ trainers. If you are interested, use the form below to send a message straight to our happiness HQ, and one of the team will be in touch as soon as possible

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