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Energise. More Energy, More Often

Once upon a time…

… someone, somewhere, decided that a day would be split into 24 hours. That might have been okay back when 24 hours was plenty, but nowadays? It's not nearly enough. We end up cramming. The result? Look around you. Most people are living life fast, but are they living it well?

Although the 24 thing remains fixed, the quality & quantity of energy available to us is not. The more we take ownership of our own energy, the more empowered, effective and brilliant we become.

Our Energise programme seeks to impart ideas, information and most importantly, strategies for application towards a shift in energy & engagement.


Listen carefully and you'll hear the background noise of low-level grumbling. Open your eyes and you'll see colleagues buzzed up on caffeine and sugar, masking their near-permanent exhaustion.

The stats are clear. According to a Gallup Poll of 142 countries, only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. 24% of employees are 'actively disengaged', defined as "having no passion for their work, lacking motivation & likely to create negativity among co-workers".

Our own research has looked at the opposite, the so-called 2%ers, actively engaged employees who have 30% more energy than their co-workers. The even better news is that these people raise the game of those around them.

It's simple - growing your merry band of 2%ers is your competitive advantage. We figure that being a 2%er is easy. Staying there requires a permanent shift of habits.

A Brief History

Our interest and understanding of the importance of energy is rooted in sports, having worked with athletes and teams from youth sports through to British & World Champions. Having also worked in business and education, we are able to adapt and apply much of what we know, in order to help individuals and teams to better manage and maintain their energy, engagement and effectiveness.

What is 'Energise'?

The short answer is that it can be whatever you want it to be, whether that's a keynote, half day, full day or coaching programme. Within the delivery, we introduce and share ideas and methods for individuals/teams to optimise their daily performance, on a consistent, long-term basis.

We achieve this by looking at 4 key elements of effective human performance, and their impact, both in isolation, and as part of a system.

  • Energy
  • Movement
  • Fuel
  • Mindset

What's unique about Energise?

Truth time - most people are a million miles away from feeling as great as they could. Your body is the most incredible instrument that you will ever own, and it is able to buffer a massive amount of abuse and neglect. However, we all have limits. It is evident that the modern world is causing us to push towards breaking point.

As human beings, we are fundamentally creatures of habit. Over time, bad habits are easy to learn and good ones can fall by the wayside. Energise aims to re-educate and remind your people about good habits of flourishing.

If you're serious about wellbeing, get in touch.

Interested in this workshop?

Our sessions work as hour-long sessions, half days or full days. We love working with big groups, so get all your staff in the same room and leave us to it. If you'd like to talk to us about working together or have any questions, just fill in the form below and one of our brilliant trainers will be in touch with you to see how we can help.

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