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The Art of Staying Brilliant

Fact #1: you are already brilliant and you possess all the inner resources you ever need.

Fact #2: the modern world is really good at making you forget. It’s super-efficient at grinding you down. It’s so easy to backslide into old habits of thinking, doing and being.

‘Staying Brilliant’ is for those who’ve already attended ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’. They ‘get’ the 2%er philosophy and want to stay there. Stickability is a life-changer. We dig deeper into Positive Psychology and the science of human flourishing. It’s the same light touch, with an equally serious message; life is a short and precious gift – don’t send it back unwrapped.

Same but totally different

Traditional training is additive – it gives you more things to remember and do (7 habits, 16 Personality types, 12 ‘golden rules’… ) whereas ‘Staying Brilliant’ has a touch of the counter-intuitives about it. It’s subtractive. You don’t need more stuff on your mind, you need less!

‘Staying Brilliant’ peels back the layers, getting you to think about your thinking. Once you have clarity, self-improvement follows, effortlessly. It’s about instilling positive habits, with the benefits rippling way beyond work.

The painful truth

It makes no odds what you already know. No matter how many PhDs you’ve got, life is going to challenge you. Life can be awesome, but it can also be cruel, relentless and unforgiving. There will be times when it feels like it’s trying to break you.

Open your eyes. Look around. You’ll see very few folk dancing around the kitchen in their pyjamas. Can you recall the last time you witnessed someone skipping to work?

There’s an uncomfortable paradox sitting at the heart of it all. Life is short, but also an uncomfortably long time to be going through the motions. Rather than carping about death being too long and life being too short, ‘Staying Brilliant’ is about making sure that your alive part is properly alive.

Welcome to your big fat reminder.

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