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This workshop can be delivered in person, or virtually using Zoom, MS Teams or other video conferencing tools!

Why ‘The Why-Factor’?

When was the last time you or your work colleagues skipped into work? And we mean, literally… as in bouncing in full of energy and passion. Getting staff to turn up because they want to is like depositing £1m into your team’s psychological account and is the key to your organization’s competitive advantage.

But how do we create engagement, when ‘change’ is sitting squarely on your chest and everyone’s already been asked to do more for less?

THE WHY-FACTOR goes back to basics, daring to ask a fundamental question… why do you do what you do? Doing it for the money is fine. That will get compliance. And if ‘fine’ is what you’re striving for, this workshop is not for you. If you’re seeking ‘world class’, you need to tap into inspiration. In short, you need to find a better ‘why?’

The most inspirational organisations and individuals think differently – they have a clear and compelling purpose. This workshop focuses on helping you uncover your ‘why?’ that translates into a simple statement that inspires you to take action. The average lifespan is a measly 4000 weeks of which you spend 30% at work. From where we’re sitting, you may as well turn up inspired.


THE WHY-FACTOR takes the very best of positive psychology, flow, employee engagement and purpose, combining them into a workshop that is both simple and powerful. Additional themes include Sinek’s golden circle, strengths, impact & influence, the emotional ripple effect.


THE WHY-FACTOR can be tailored to suit the needs of the audience. It can be an inspirational keynote, a half-day workshop or combined with themes of positive psychology and strengths to create an immersive and motivational day. It can also be run as an online event.

How can this workshop be delivered?

Delivered live online with our video webinars

We'll host your staff online and deliver your training virtually using tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Citrix etc.

Our content is delivered with just as much enthusiasm and humour as in-person workshops, our webinars are great for large audiences and the perfect solution to the "New Normal".

Studio recorded video presentation

We'll get dressed up and head into our studio to professionally record our training for you as an on demand video.

We'll edit it with all the bells and whistles, then send it over to you to host on your intranet or share with your staff.

Works great with multiple videos and gives you a library of wellbeing resources for the future.

In person at your premises or training venue

We can deliver our training as a half or full day workshop/keynote to an audience at your workplace or training venue.

Great for interaction and has the best impact.

We deliver worldwide so can cater for any location

*Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we're taking bookings for 2020, 2021 and beyond, but we're doing things differently - get in touch to find out how.

Part of a Wellbeing partnership

We can partner up with you to deliver a host of workshops, training and coaching in various ways to help transform your organisation.

This is a long term relationship where we'll deliver multiple workshops, videos and training resources to help your organisation become and STAY Brilliant.

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