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Personal Leadership Programme 2019

It's time to

Personal Leadership Programme 1

Want to find inspiration - but too bogged down in the day job?

Know your team could be so much better - but just don't know where to start?

Tired of talking about a 'coaching culture' without seeing any lasting change?

Ever wished there was such a thing as 'ctrl-alt-delete' for leaders?

Then turbo charge your impact with an inspirational, practical & completely refreshing leadership reboot at...


If you or your leaders are in need of a boost, the Personal Leadership Programme has the potential to transform you, your teams - and your organisation.

This three-day programme (two days plus a 1 day follow up 3 weeks later), designed by The Living Leader and delivered by Art of Brilliance, is perfect for managers and leaders who need to step performance up a level, so 'can-do' attitudes and tangible results become the absolute norm.

The Personal Leadership Programme will enable you to develop AND inspire a team who are...

  • passionate, positive and completely engaged - hungry to grow and take on more responsibility
  • going beyond expectations, with the initiative to overcome obstacles and make it happen!
  • delivering innovation and building a real competitive edge

Imagine what a difference it would make if your leaders understood their impact and brought out the best in everyone?

What if your teams took 100% personal responsibility in every aspect of their working life?

We will show you how to make it a reality. But don't take our word for it, here's what's been said:


"We sent a range of senior managers on your leadership programme (one or two of them would confess they are usually cynical about this 'sort of thing') and the feedback was absolutely fantastic. I would go so far as to say that I have NEVER had such consistently high feedback about a leadership programme. Here are just some of the comments we have received:

"I remember and use more from this course than anything else I've ever done" . "This is without doubt the best course I have been on both professionally and personally"
"I have never been this enthused"
"The most productive course I have ever been on"
"Better than Cranfield!"
"Well structured and great value for money, with a highly skilled facilitator"
"Challenging and thought provoking"
"Quietly life changing!"
"I have rediscovered my dedication and commitment to both my work and personal life"

We are now putting many more people through the programme and have been recommending it to others."

Rachel Seagrave, Learning & Development Consultant, Warwickshire County Council


"Peter has facilitated two Personal Leadership Programmes within my organization and the impact of our continuing transition from management to leadership has been dramatic. The course content is excellent; with the majority describing it as life changing, however the content doesn't deliver itself and Peter has a unique talent for engaging even the sceptic. We have seen tangible results both financially and operationally; These results are a direct result of the course and the empowerment of all individuals within the business. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Peter - he is a highly skilled facilitator, trainer and coach and will work with you to make changes that will deliver results"

Paul Cook, Managing Director


"Since working with Peter doors just keep opening up. I've experienced 25 years of leadership and management training - but this replaces all the notes and books I have accumulated to date. From just a few simple changes I am already getting so much more out of my team - and relationships at every level have been improved tenfold. The Personal Leadership Programme is life changing. I feel like a new person. Watch this space!"

Louise Archer, Head of Business Management, Global Standards


"Thank you for running such an impactful and engaging course - I don't think I've ever been to another course where the lessons are still fresh at the front of my mind a year on, or which has had such a huge benefit to my life (professional and personal) ... Late last year I was promoted into a much bigger role - I'm now Vice President for information security across our European businesses, and I've had requests to act as a mentor for colleagues. I don't think I'd have gotten this opportunity without the changes I made following the three day programme with you, all based on increased self-awareness and responsibility."

David Rimmer, VP for Information Security

Champneys Springs, Ashby de la Zouch, Midlands (Access to Spa included!)
17/18 November 2020 and 17 December 2019
All day (including overnight stay 17/18 November 2020)
£1500 +VAT Per Person

To book, ask about our waiting list or for further details please contact Peter Anderton on