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Lead Well

Leading a Wellbeing Revolution

Mental health, wellbeing, motivation, grit, self-esteem, growth mindset, resilience, confidence – everyone knows these are important for learning. Yet the massive everyday pressures mean these crucial ingredients can sometimes get squeezed out.

We’re living in an age of anxiety. The current mental health paradigm is about fixing people. We put in place well-meaning mental health initiatives, but the language and approach is actually focused on mental ill-health.

We’re accidentally and innocently talking it up.

With anxiety, panic attacks, stress and depression on the rise, it’s time for a new approach. While traditional Mental Health and Safety First Aid training continues to focus on what’s wrong with people, it’s time to look at what’s right.

The Science of Human Flourishing

Positive Psychology is a brand new area of wellbeing science. As well as helping those who are languishing, Positive Psychology also looks at individuals who are flourishing. It seeks to learn from people who are functioning at their best and asks how can we apply those lessons to the wider population.

If we want staff and learners to feel confident, resilient, creative, motivated, empathetic, agile, and who have real purpose in their lives, they need to be reminded how.

Our LEAD WELL programme is preventative. It’s about creating a culture of ‘collective effervescence’ – an environment in which people are equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to take charge of their own mental health. The science of human flourishing helps build a buffer against uncertainty and change.

The Art of Brilliance LEAD WELL programme is radically different. In a world where there’s a lot of talk about ‘best self’, LEAD WELL teaches you how. It’s for new or existing wellbeing leaders who want to change the narrative. It will equip you to become a wellbeing champion in your school or college, as well as helping you to embed wellbeing into the fabric of your curriculum.

The Programme

Our open programme is a 4 day intensive wellbeing course. You will be immersed in the latest thinking from subjects that come under the Positive Psychology umbrella (emotional intelligence, growth mindset, resilience, purpose, appreciative inquiry, strengths, compassionate leadership, inside-out thinking, etc.)

The programme will equip you to be a Wellbeing Lead in your setting,  lead wellbeing learning with your students, but also support and train others to run wellbeing sessions too. The programme is designed to allow you to contextualise the content to your setting, so that all learners benefit from wellbeing education as part of the wider curriculum.

The initial 3-day programme allows you to explore wellbeing concepts in detail. You will get to grips with activities, strategies and resources that you will take away with you. You will work with others to create an implementation plan so you can start to roll out what you have learned almost straight away.. Day 4 is about coming back together, sharing experiences and working out what’s next. The online sessions will also provide a space for collaboration, review and support. The course has been specifically designed for impact through providing support and training over time.

We recommend that more than 1 person from each school/college/training provider/university attend the training so that you can build a collaborative team approach to development when back in your own setting. We can offer discounts if 3 or more people join the programme.

If you are a large organisation and want to train a whole team of wellbeing leads, please contact us for a bespoke training programme.

What you get:

  • 4 full days in person training (3+1) to fully immerse yourself in the pillars of wellbeing and get familiar with the flourishing toolkit.
  • 2 nights accommodation including breakfast, lunch, snacks and 3 course evening meal.
  • Experience of the lessons you would run with your students.
  • Resources to support all of the sessions, including presentation slides, session tasks, handouts, reflection and journaling prompts for each topic.
  • Time to create initial contextualised plans for your wellbeing curriculum and activities for all of the Wellbeing modules.
  • Day 3 will include a focus on creating an implementation plan to take back and put all of the learning into action (with the input of a quality improvement specialist)
  • Day 4, approximately 100 days after the initial three day training, will further explore wellbeing knowledge, as well as share, collaborate and consider how to further develop your wellbeing curriculum.
  • Access to our Mental WEALTH video resource hub.
  • Two online follow up collaboration sessions to review, share, as questions, dig deeper and discuss progress of the programme.
  • A chance to work with experienced wellbeing and quality specialists to explore how you might have the best impact in your organisation.
  • Be part of a community of educators with a common purpose
  • An opportunity to press pause and to reflect on how to move forward.
  • World class content that will enhance your own teaching

The LEAD WELL programmes are led by Stef Wilkinson. She would be delighted to discuss the programme with you.

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