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Wednesday 13th November 2024
The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club
£245 (until 31st August)

Psychological Safety

Wednesday 13th November 2024
The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club
£245 (until 31st August)

Stress, anxiety, burnout, … we’re all familiar with these everyday terms.

But the modern world has layered on some complications: moral injury, compassion fatigue, inclusivity, diversity, neuro-diversity and the sometimes nuanced difference between workplace banter and bullying.

These are all wrapped up in one term, psychological safety. It’s a big deal because it points to a BIG question: Do you feel safe to be you?

Welcome to our brand new workshop: Psychological Safety: What, Why and How to which does what it says on the tin.

Creating world class teams

Rather than wrapping you up in complexity, this session creates clarity. It reveals psychological safety for what it is – rocket fuel for your team. Even better, you embark on a journey that will transform your workplace experience from a nightmare of self-doubt and anxiety into a haven of growth and positivity.

The workshops/keynote is built around three key elements: Connection, Belonging, and Trust.

CONNECTION: we’ll show you how to build bridges, not walls, in your workplace.

BELONGING: is when you create a culture of ‘collective effervescence’. There’s a buzz, a vibrancy, and energy. Everyone is welcomed. These are the days when all those ‘extra mile’ behaviours come as standard.

TRUST: Think about how liberating it would be to make mistakes without fear of judgment or repercussions. Trust is the glue that holds teams together, and we’ll help you foster an environment where trust thrives.

Delivered in our usual engaging way, the aim is to demystify Psychological Safety and leave your people with a spring in their step.

Meet your trainer

This Psychological Safety event is run by Jonathan Peach. If you have any questions – he’d love to discuss the programme with you.

Interested in joining us?

We’d love to see you in November – to book your place, just hit the button below and you’ll be taken to our online shop where you can purchase your ticket online.

If you want to pay by invoice, book multiple places or talk about payment options – feel free to drop an email to and she’ll be happy to help you!