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Managing Learners Who Don’t Want To Learn

A flavour of this workshop

You could have gone into any number of professions… and yet you chose teaching. Or perhaps to quote a common phrase, ‘teaching chose you’. Chances are you are a caring, friendly, well organised person, you spend a great deal of time on your lesson-planning, and are normally good at creating rapport… so why is it that despite your best efforts you just can’t seem to get a handle on the constant low-level disruption caused by a few pupils? You know the ones – they colour your whole day and you forget that 95% of the kids you teach are amazing. To use their own vernacular, these individuals will be ‘doing your head in’.

Cutting to the chase, these young people are physically and emotionally exhausting. And you’ve never told anyone this before but you breathe a sigh of relief when they’re absent.

First up, relax. The likelihood is that they’re not just disengaged from school, they’re disengaged from life. And it’s not just you. The truth is that these kids get shouted at. A lot!

At ‘Art of Brill’ we like to come at problems from an alternative angle. If ‘more of the same’ isn’t working why not try ‘less of something completely different’. Something counter-intuitive and calm, supportive rather than shouty, with coaching rather than punishment in its DNA.

We’re not pretending it’s easy. Behaviour management involves time, experimentation, effort, tears (theirs and yours), disappointment, small successes, setbacks and a healthy dose of being relentlessly bothered.

So is it easy? No.

Is it possible? With a whole school approach, YES!

Moreover, we’re telling you it’s worth it.

Course content can include some or all of:

Once staff are up to speed with the 3R’s of Rapport, Relationship and Reliability, then we can start to talk about the words we use, the conversations that model behaviour, the actions we take to support them and be there for young people even when they are troublesome.

Workshop content is flexible to meet the needs of individual schools. The aim is for you to fall back in love with teaching.

Interested in this workshop?

Our sessions work as hour-long sessions, half days or full days. We love working with big groups, so get all your staff in the same room and leave us to it. If you'd like to talk to us about working together or have any questions, just fill in the form below and one of our brilliant trainers will be in touch with you to see how we can help.

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