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Leadership Reboot

This workshop can be delivered virtually using Zoom, MS Teams or other video conferencing tools!

All change

The new normal means we’re in uncharted territory. For the first time in living memory ‘making it up as you go along’ seems to be the only way forward.

With everything shifting, the role of the leader takes on a new significance. It’s about helping make sense, joining the dots and finding footholds in the uncertainty. It’s at times like this we must remember that being a brilliant leader isn’t simply about doing the right things – it’s about who we are. Leadership isn’t a to-do list – it’s a mindset. Get it wrong and the results are disastrous. Get it right and your team will be passionate, positive and completely engaged.

But there’s more to it. Get it right and you’ll get your life back!

The dust is still settling

We’re standing in the rubble of the COVID-19 economy. Our Leadership Reboot is an opportunity to get back on your feet, dust yourself down and rethink your approach. It’s the perfect ‘ctrl-alt-delete’ for leaders. Join with us to:

  • Discover the two rules every leader should know
  • Unlock the three secrets of every high performing team
  • Master the Art of Being Brilliant – and how to make it spread!
  • Capture the essence of brilliant communication
  • Understand exactly how to build a team that works whether you are there or not
  • Reduce your workload to focus on what matters most – at work and at home
  • Get everyone heading in the same direction
  • Deliver results – faster than you ever thought possible

You will come away from your time out feeling refreshed and renewed – with a plan you can put into practice for immediate effect.


But although results are fast – this is not a quick ‘shot in the arm’. Our Leadership Reboot is a fully immersive 12 hour programme. It is now available totally online in any build-your-own combo (e.g. 2 days, 4 x half days or 6 x 2 hour sessions.)

Individuals can sign up as part of an open programme or we can run it in-house as a company-wide leadership development programme.

Either way, social distancing, no problem. Social impact, guaranteed.

How can this workshop be delivered?

Delivered live online with our video webinars

We'll host your staff online and deliver your training virtually using tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Citrix etc.

Our content is delivered with just as much enthusiasm and humour as in-person workshops, our webinars are great for large audiences and the perfect solution to the "New Normal".

In person at your premises or training venue

We can deliver our training as a half or full day workshop/keynote to an audience at your workplace or training venue.

Great for interaction and has the best impact.

We deliver worldwide so can cater for any location

Part of a Wellbeing partnership

We can partner up with you to deliver a host of workshops, training and coaching in various ways to help transform your organisation.

This is a long term relationship where we'll deliver multiple workshops, videos and training resources to help your organisation become and STAY Brilliant.

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